Anjali Sharma Quotes in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)


Anjali Sharma Quotes:

  • Anjali Sharma: Why didn't you marry again?

    Rahul Khanna: [jokingly] I didn't find you, did i? Otherwise I would have married you... Anjali, we get born once, we die once, we fall in love once, and we get married...

    Anjali Sharma: [interrupting] ... once.

    Rahul Khanna: well... why didn't you marry?

    Anjali Sharma: I didn't find you, did I?

  • Ms. Briganza: Rahul... what is love?

    Rahul Khanna: Love. Love is friendship.

    Anjali Sharma: [Anjali looks at him]

    Rahul Khanna: If she can't be my best friend, I can't be in love with her. Without friendship, there is no love. Simple. Love is friendship. Okay, Ms. Briganza?

  • Anjali Sharma: Oh Rahul... he is so cute. He is so handsome...

    Rahul Khanna: Not as handsome as you are. You have the better mustache.

    Anjali Sharma: Was that a joke?

    Rahul Khanna: What if it was?

    Anjali Sharma: I don't like jokes.

    Rahul Khanna: I don't like you!

  • [Young Anjali has just met her namesake]

    Anjali Sharma: What's your name?

    Anjali Khanna: Anjali.

    Anjali Sharma: Hey, that's my name too! Hi!

    Anjali Khanna: Why is your name "Anjali"?

    Anjali Sharma: Um... perhaps my mother and father liked the name. Why is your name "Anjali"?

    Anjali Khanna: Perhaps my mother and father liked you.

  • Anjali Khanna: Dear God, how are you? Please keep Papa happy, and see that he doesn't miss me too much. You know he can't do anything without me. Please, huh? Okay.

    Anjali Sharma: Caught you.

    Anjali Khanna: Oh, Ms. Anjali. Hi.

    Anjali Sharma: Hmm. All prayers for Papa, nothing for Mama?

    Anjali Khanna: Why ask God for anything for Mummy?

    Anjali Sharma: Why?

    Anjali Khanna: She's with Him.

    [Ms. Anjali looks shocked]

    Anjali Khanna: Whatever she wants, she can ask for it herself.

    [She takes the picture of her mother and compares it with Ms. Anjali, then hugs it]

    Anjali Sharma: Hey. Now go to sleep. Sweet dreams.

    [Young Anjali looks at the picture of her mother again]

    Anjali Khanna: Miss you, Papa.

  • Rahul Khanna: Eh! Don't call me cheater okay!

    Anjali Sharma: That's what you are! Cheater, cheater, cheater.

    Rahul Khanna: Anjali Cheater nay!

    Everyone and Anjali: Rahul is a cheater! He is a cheater! He is a cheater! He is a cheater!

    Rahul Khanna: Don't listen to her!

    Anjali Sharma: CHEATER!

    Rahul Khanna: I'm going to kill her!

    [Rahul and Anjali start fighting]

  • [Sardarji talks for the first time]

    Silent Sardarji: You're leaving?

    [Anjali and Mr. Almeida are shocked. Sardarji is crying]

    Silent Sardarji: Please don't go. Please don't go.

    [a teary-eyed Anjali hugs him and begins to leave]

    Rahul Khanna: Anjali?

    [Rahul gives her the red scarf back]

    Rahul Khanna: You gave this to Tina when she was beginning a new life. Today, you are going to begin a new life... and I'm sure you and Rahul will be very happy together.

    Anjali Sharma: [Correcting him] Aman... Aman... Aman.

  • Anjali Sharma: I love you?

    Rahul Khanna: Yes, I love you!

    Anjali Sharma: You couldn't do that much?

    Rahul Khanna: No, unfortunatly I couldn't

    Anjali Sharma: Thats a shame. We could have won.

  • Aman Mehra: [complaining about the various wedding rituals and prayers] I can't handle all this anymore.

    Anjali Sharma: Why, don't you have anything you want to ask from god?

    Aman Mehra: Ask for what? I've got you. Now I'm thinking about having three or four kids. And i'm afraid god's no help there, whatever has to be done will have to be by me

    Anjali Sharma: Behave yourself!

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