Angus Pirie Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Angus Pirie Quotes:

  • Sgt. Collins: Pirie! Got a summons here. Keeping your boy away from school. And you, Scotty, keep away from Mr. Ellison's herd of ponies. That's an order.

    Angus Pirie: You've done what you came for. Now get off my land.

  • Angus Pirie: The boy, he, uh, can't get to school.

    Charles E. Quayle: It says here that he's been absent for two months. How did he get to school before then?

    Angus Pirie: Our neighbor, John Dancey, he had a horse, and his boy and Scotty used to ride on it together.

    Charles E. Quayle: And the Danceys aren't there anymore, is that correct?

    Angus Pirie: No. The boy would have to walk seven miles each way.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Ellison is chairman of the Board of Education, and he's offered to give you one of his wild ponies.

    Angus Pirie: He can keep his pony! I've never asked for charity, and I'm not gonna start now!

    Charles E. Quayle: You may as well see it.

  • Angus Pirie: That pony's gone for good. You'll just hafta make the best of it.

  • Sgt. Collins: Good morning, Mrs. Pirie. You know Mr. Ellison.

    James Ellison: Good morning.

    Mrs. Pirie: Would you like a cup of tea?

    James Ellison: No, thank you, Mrs. Pirie.

    Sgt. Collins: Where's Scotty? He's not at school?

    Angus Pirie: What do you want?

    Sgt. Collins: We've come for the pony, Angus.

    Mrs. Pirie: Scotty's pony?

    James Ellison: My daughter's pony, Mrs. Pirie. Your son tried to take him at the town fair.

    Angus Pirie: The pony's not here, so get off my land!

    Sgt. Collins: We'll go when we're good and ready. Do you want me to search the place, Mr. Ellison?

    James Ellison: I don't see the point. The pony could be anywhere.

    Sgt. Collins: [pointing to Angus] He knows where it is.

    James Ellison: Do you?

    [Angus walks away]

    Sgt. Collins: Don't be a fool, Angus. If I find you're hiding that pony, I'll lock you up, and your boy, too.

    Angus Pirie: You just leave my boy alone and get off my land!

    Sgt. Collins: Angus...

    Angus Pirie: Get off my land!

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