Andre Jackson Quotes in The Replacements (2000)


Andre Jackson Quotes:

  • Shane Falco: [Shane parks his truck at the stadium and sees several of the former Sentinels approaching his truck] You gotta be kidding me. Come on Martel, I didn't park in your space.

    Eddie Martel: No, no. But unfortunately, you did park in La Mont's space. And he's not nearly as lenient as I am.

    Malcolm La Mont: On three fellas. One, two, three!

    [the former Sentinels tip over Shane's truck. Shane begins to walk away until Jamal and Andre step up]

    Andre Jackson: We got this, we got this.

    Jamal Jackson: Y'all wanna put the car back?

    Eddie Martel: Gentlemen, this is none of your business.

    Andre Jackson: Shane's our business. We're the guards.

    Jamal Jackson: And we protect our quarterback.

    [the former Sentinels all crack up laughing]

    Jamal Jackson: Oh, you got jokes. You got jokes. That's your ride right there, ain't it?

    [Jamal nods at a very expensive looking car]

    Eddie Martel: Yeah.

    [Jamal whips out a pistol and shoots at the car, leaving six bullet holes in the windshield]

    Eddie Martel: That's my windshield, you crazy mother...

    Jamal Jackson: Put the car back!

    Malcolm La Mont: Son of a bitch!

    Jamal Jackson: Son of a bitch? Oh, son of a bitch. Son of a bitch? Son of a bitch?

    [Jamal shoots the driver side window, shattering it]

    Eddie Martel: Stop, stop, stop! Come on goddamn it, help me!

    [Sentinels shove Shane's truck back over]

    Malcolm La Mont: You're gonna pay for that.

    Jamal Jackson: No I'm not. Stop messing with my man, and that includes his ride. Matter of fact, wax that muthafucka. Give it a tune up.

    [as if nothing has happened]

    Jamal Jackson: Ya ready to go to practice Shane?

    Shane Falco: Yeah. Let's do that.

    Andre Jackson: What's that smell?

    Shane Falco: Wild yam.

    Andre Jackson: That's nice. That's nice.

  • Jamal Jackson: [Jamal, Nigel, Andre, and Jumbo are eating at the same table, eating] What the hell is this?

    Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: Chinese spareribs.

    Jumbo: You don't want 'em, get the fuck outta here.

    Jamal Jackson: What I'm trying to figure out, is how did the Chinaman over here, get 700 pounds off of eating this shit?

    Jumbo: I'm Japanese, not Chinese.

    Jamal Jackson: It's the same difference.

    Jumbo: What?

    Jamal Jackson: It's the same difference. All that big...

    [mimicks Japanese]

    Jumbo: Nigga, please. You know Japan and China are two different countries, right?

    Jamal Jackson: You know, I got an atlas, bitch.

    Jumbo: You wanna be a gansta?

    Jamal Jackson: Yeah!

    [Nigel and Andre laugh, Jamal does some kungfu shouts and shoves Jumbo, the two start to scrap]

    Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: [Separating the two] Hey, hey, we're on the same team! We're on the same team, now chill out!

    Andre Jackson: You know, the Mick's right.

    Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: I'm not a Mick. I'm bloody Welsh!

    Andre Jackson: [Grabs Nigel's head] Whatever.

    Jamal Jackson: [Taking his food] Man, I'm going to go sit with the deaf kid.

    Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: [Leaving as well] Jesus Christ!

    Walter Cochran: [From the next table] Praise his glory, Nigel! You praise his glory!

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