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Anderson Quotes:

  • Judge Dredd: I was wondering when you'd remember you forgot your helmet.

    Anderson: Sir, a helmet can interfere with my psychic abilities.

    Judge Dredd: Think a bullet in the head might interfere with them more.

  • Anderson: [reads Kay's mind] Sir, he's thinking about going for your gun.

    Judge Dredd: Yeah.

    Anderson: [reads it again] He just changed his mind.

    Judge Dredd: Yeah.

  • Judge Dredd: Twelve serious crimes reported every minute. Seventeen thousand per day. We can respond to around six percent.

    Anderson: Which six percent?

    Judge Dredd: Your show, rookie. You tell me.

  • Anderson: Welcome to the inside of your head. It's kind of empty in here.

  • Anderson: Sir, with backup inbound, I think we should wait until the odds have shifted in our favor.

    [Dredd says nothing]

    Anderson: Wrong answer?

    Judge Dredd: You're the psychic.

  • Judge Dredd: A rookie Judge on assessment is likely to be involved in armed combat. One in five don't survive the first day. You may be required to carry out on-the-spot executions of convicted felons.

    Anderson: Yes, sir.

    Judge Dredd: Incorrect sentencing is an automatic fail. Disobeying a direct order from your assessment officer is an automatic fail. Losing your primary weapon or having it taken from you is an automatic fail.

    Anderson: Yes, sir.

    Judge Dredd: You ready, rookie?

    Anderson: I am.

    Judge Dredd: Your assessment starts now.

  • Judge Dredd: Mind explaining yourself, rookie? Abetting a felon is not just a fail offense. It's a crime.

    Anderson: I already picked up the fail when I lost my primary weapon. I'm not gonna be a Judge and I don't need to be a mind reader to know it. He's a victim, not a perp and until my assessment is formally over, I'm still entitled to dispense justice. And that's what I just did by letting him go. Maybe that will be the one difference I do make.

  • [while heading into the homicide scene, Dredd indicates a beggar by the door]

    Judge Dredd: Rookie, judgment?

    Anderson: Vagrancy: three weeks iso cubes. But prioritize murders?

    Judge Dredd: Correct.

    [to vagrant]

    Judge Dredd: Don't be here when we get back.

  • Kay: You got any last words, bitch?

    Anderson: That's funny. I was gonna ask you that. Bitch.

  • Judge Dredd: You ready?

    Anderson: Yeah.

    Judge Dredd: You look ready.

  • Kay: My head. Do what I like?

    Anderson: Sure.

    [Kay shoots at her]

    Anderson: Thinking about hurting me doesn't actually hurt me.

    Kay: Yeah. Points to you. Except there is that thing.

    Anderson: What thing was that?

    Kay: That I know how to freak you out. See, if you're talking about my fucked-up head versus your fucked-up head, your fucked-up head is gonna lose.

    [Anderson removes her clothes, and he pulls her head towards his crotch]

    Kay: Yeah, I figured that would shut you up.

    Anderson: [appears beside him, fully clothed] Hey. I can play mind games, too.

    [Kay screams in pain, and looks down, where Ma-Ma pulls her head away from his crotch and spits out something bloody]

    Kay: You fucking bitch! You sick fucking bitch!

    Anderson: We haven't even started.

  • Kay: So you're a mutant? Most of you poor fuckers got three stumpy arms, or no arms. But I guess you lucked out. You fit together pretty well. Psychic.


    Kay: So fucked up. Yeah, I heard about your kind. Kind of hard to believe it's real. Like what am I thinking about right now?

    Anderson: [sees his thoughts] You're picturing a violent sexual liaison between the two of us in a pointless attempt to shock me.

    Kay: You're good. But I wasn't trying to shock you. If I was trying to shock, I'd be thinking about this:

    [reads Kay's mind again and hits him]

    Anderson: What are you thinking about now, huh?

  • Judge Dredd: Rookie, you're ready?

    Anderson: Yeah.

    Judge Dredd: You don't look ready.

  • Anderson: The code to Ma-Ma's chambers is 4-9-4-3-6.

  • The Kid: Is it right to steal from insurance companies?

    Anderson: Look, when you rob a guy who's got insurance, you're doing him a favor. You're giving him a little excitement in his life, a story to tell. He becomes a more interesting person because you robbed him. You boost the insurance company because the publicity gets people to buy insurance. You do the fuzz a favor because, well, you prove they're necessary and deserving of a big pay boost.

    The Kid: You believe that?

    Anderson: Its bullshit. It's just dog eat dog, but I want the first bite.

  • Anderson: What's advertising but a legalized con game? And what the hell's marriage? Extortion, prostitution, soliciting with a government stamp on it. And what the hell's your stock market? A fixed horse race. Some business guy steals a bank, he's a big success story. Face in all the magazines. Some other guy steals the magazine and he's busted.

  • Parelli: [Entering a Turkish bath] I can't stay here. It's gonna take the press outta my clothes.

    Anderson: Take 'em off.

  • Gravedigger Jones: Hey, Ed!

    Coffin Ed: What is it?

    Gravedigger Jones: Look at this. Cotton, from inside the meat truck.

    Coffin Ed: One thing for sure, it ain't drugstore cotton.

    Anderson: What is it?

    Coffin Ed: It's raw, unprocessed cotton. Like from a bale.

    Gravedigger Jones: Ohhh, it's a long time since I've seen cotton like that.

    Coffin Ed: Digger, you ain't never seen no raw cotton before. You were born and raised right here in New York, just like me.

  • Anderson: You've got to understand Ed and Digger, sir.

    Bryce: I understand those two, all right. Too quick with their fists. Too flip with their talk. Too fast with their guns. And too damn black maniacs on a powder keg.

  • Katie: Anderson, when you asked me to marry you, you probably picked the only girl in the whole world that would say yes. I don't think that's a coincidence. Do you?

    Anderson: I don't know.

    Katie: Do you believe in fate?

    Anderson: No.

    Katie: Neither do I. You see, this was meant to be. Will you marry me?

  • Anderson: [walks up to the farmer] Longfellow Deeds. Where does he live?

    Farmer: Oh, that's what you want. Why didn't you say so in the first place instead of beating around the bush? Those other fellows don't know what they're talking about. Come on, I'll take you there in my car. If they'd only explained to me what they want, there'd be no trouble.

    Mrs. Meredith - Housekeeper: [the group arrives at Longfellow's house and knocks] Oh. Will you come in, please, gentlemen?

    John Cedar: Is Mr. Deeds in?

    Mrs. Meredith - Housekeeper: No, he's over to the park arranging a bazaar to raise money for the fire engine.

    [turning to farmer]

    Mrs. Meredith - Housekeeper: Mal, you should've knowed he was in the park.

    Mrs. Meredith - Housekeeper: Knowed it all the time but these men said they wanted to see the house. Can't read their minds if they don't say what they want.

  • Anderson: You know, if I were a Negro, I'd probably think the same way they do.

    Ward: If you were a Negro, nobody would give a damn what you thought.

  • Mayor Tilman: Do you like baseball, do you, Anderson?

    Anderson: Yeah, I do. You know, it's the only time when a black man can wave a stick at a white man and not start a riot.

  • Mayor Tilman: Fact is, we got two cultures down here: a white culture, and a colored culture. Now, that's the way it always has been, and that's the way it always will be.

    Anderson: Rest of America don't see it that way, Mr. Mayor.

    Sheriff Ray Stuckey: Rest of America don't mean jack shit. You in Mississippi now.

  • Ward: Just don't lose sight of whose rights are being violated!

    Anderson: Don't put me on your perch, Mr. Ward.

    Ward: Don't drag me into your gutter, Mr. Anderson!

    Anderson: These people are crawling out of the SEWER, MR. WARD! Maybe the gutter's where we outta be!

  • Frank Bailey: Get this straight, you corn-holin' fucker. You tell your queer-ass nigger bosses that they ain't never gonna find those civil rightsers down here! So you might as well pack up and go back up North where you came from and...

    [Anderson grabs his crotch hard, Bailey screams in pain]

    Anderson: [while grabbing Bailey by the balls] Now get *this* straight, Shit-kicker! Don't you go confusin' me with some whole other body. You must have your brains in your *dick* if you think we're gonna just walk away from this. We're gonna stay 'till this gets done.

    [after opening his coat and exposing his gun he turns to Deputy Pell]

    Anderson: How 'bout you, Deputy. That gun of yours just for show or do you get to shoot people once in a while?

    Anderson: [Releases his grip on Bailey, then takes a swig of beer] Thanks for the beer.

  • Anderson: Where does it come from? All this hatred?

    Anderson: You know, when I was a little boy, there was an old negro farmer that lived down the road from us, name of Monroe. And he was... well, I guess he was just a little luckier than my daddy was. He bought himself a mule. That was a big deal around that town. My daddy hated that mule, 'cause his friends were always kidding him that they saw Monroe out plowing with his new mule, and Monroe was going to rent another field now he had a mule. One morning, that mule showed up dead. They poisoned the water. After that, there wasn't any mention about that mule around my daddy. It just never came up. One time, we were driving down that road, and we passed Monroe's place and we saw it was empty. He just packed up and left, I guess, he must of went up north or something. I looked over at my daddy's face. I knew he done it. He saw that I knew. He was ashamed. I guess he *was* ashamed. He looked at me and said, "If you ain't better than a nigger, son, who are you better than?"

    Ward: You think that's an excuse?

    Anderson: No it's not an excuse. It's just a story about my daddy.

    Ward: Where's that leave you?

    Anderson: My old man was just so full of hate that he didn't know that bein' poor was what was killin' him.

  • Deputy Clinton Pell: You have to be a member to drink here.

    Anderson: Member? A member of what?

    [long pause]

    Deputy Clinton Pell: Member of the social club.

  • Anderson: Down here they say rattlesnakes don't commit suicide.

  • Anderson: Make no mistake about it, Deputy. I'll cut your fucking head clean off and not give a shit how it reads in the report sheet!

  • [Ward stops Anderson from taking vigilante action against Pell]

    Ward: We'll go after all of them. Together.

    Anderson: You wouldn't know how!

    Ward: You're going to *teach me* how.

    Anderson: You don't have the GUTS!

    Ward: Not only do I HAVE the guts I have the AUTHORITY!

  • Anderson: [after the altercation with Ward where Ward pulled his gun on Anderson] Do you think he would have shot me?

    Agent Bird: Oh, yes sir.

    Anderson: Ballsy little bastard, isn't he?

  • Anderson: [Anderson is in a barbershop, shaving Clinton's face with a razor blade and simultaneously interrogating him] This is tricky. They make it look so easy, don't they? I got a question for you, Clinton. You don't mind if I call you Clinton, do you? I feel like I know you so well. The way we have it, on the night of the murders... you made a short speech as the bulldozer buried the kids in the dam. How does Lester tell it? "Mississippi will be proud of you. You've struck a blow for the white man." Is that what you said, Clinton? Hm? Is that what you said? It must've been you... because Clayton Townley and Ray Stuckey, they were too smart to be there. And you was too stupid to think anybody'd remember what you had to say. But old Lester, he got a good memory.

    [Anderson groans as he accidentally cuts Clinton with the razor blade]

    Anderson: I'm sorry. I haven't done this for a long time. Did you make a speech the night that you beat up your wife, Clinton? Huh? Did ya? Did you strike a blow for the white man that night? Huh?

    [Anderson lifts Clinton out of his barber chair and thrusts his face towards a mirror]

    Anderson: You got a stupid smile. You know that, Pell?

    [Anderson pushes Clinton's face right up against the mirror]

    Anderson: Can you see it? Huh? Good!

    [Anderson pulls Pell away from the mirror and throws him up against a wall]

    Anderson: Did you smile when the bulldozer ran over the black kid's body? Did ya?

    [Anderson pulls Clinton away from the wall and walks him towards a sink filled with water. Anderson then pushes Clinton's face into the water then quickly pulls him back out]

    Anderson: Did you smile when the bodies were covered over? Did ya?

    [Anderson throws Clinton towards a wall. Clinton hits the wall and falls to the ground]

    Anderson: Get up here.

    [Anderson pulls Clinton up off the ground]

    Anderson: Come on. Get up! Did you smile that same stupid smile, huh?

    [Anderson smacks Clinton in the face]

    Anderson: Did ya? You...

    [Anderson throws Clinton towards a line of chairs, knocking them over and landing on the ground]

    Anderson: You... Did ya smile, Pell? Did ya smile? Huh? Did ya?

    [Anderson pushes Clinton onto a barber chair and holds the razor blade to his face]

    Anderson: Make no mistake about it, Deputy. I'll cut your fuckin' head off and not give a shit how it reads in the report sheet.

    [Anderson walks away, leaving Clinton lying dazed and beaten in the spinning barber chair]

  • Ward: Some things are worth dying for.

    Anderson: Down here, things are different; here, they believe that some things are worth killing for.

  • Anderson: Don't you have the whole world to save?

  • [about the black passenger]

    Lester Cowans: I didn't kill him, I only shot him in the ass.

    Anderson: We know that. He was already dead when you put your slug in him. But your buddy sees it differently. He says it like YOU killed the kid. Now either you go on the record with us right now, or it'll be YOUR ass we're talking about, not just the black kid's!

  • [the FBI saved Lester Cowans from a lynching]

    Anderson: You're lucky we've been watching your ass, Lester.

    Ward: If you go on the record, Mr. Cowans, we'll give you protection. If not...

    Anderson: If not, they're going to kill you anyway.


    Anderson: Oooh Lester, you need a toilet.

  • Anderson: Did you make a speech like that the night you beat your wife?

  • [Anderson and Ward leave the house after talking with Deputy Clinton Pell and Mrs. Pell]

    Ward: Tell me, Mr Anderson. How does a woman like that end up with...

    Anderson: [nods toward the Pell house] With shithead in there? You know what these small towns are like. A girl spends all her time in high school lookin' for the guy she's gonna marry, and spends the rest of her life wonderin' why.

    Ward: Something's wrong. He's too confident.

    Anderson: Did you see the wedding photograph? His three pals, the ushers, had their thumbs hooked in their belts, with their three fingers pointing down.

    Ward: So what is that? Some sort of Masonic thing?

    Anderson: [holds up three fingers] No! "K-K-K."

  • Anderson: On this first day of a new century we humbly beg forgiveness and dedicate these last forests of our once beautiful nation to the hope that they will one day return and grace our foul earth. Until that day may God bless these gardens and the brave men who care for them.

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