Amy Robbins Quotes in Time After Time (1979)


Amy Robbins Quotes:

  • H.G. Wells: This is delicious, far superior to that Scottish place I breakfasted.

    Amy Robbins: Scottish?

    H.G. Wells: McDougall's

  • H.G. Wells: We could easily avoid this whole thing.

    Amy Robbins: You mean, give him the key?

    H.G. Wells: No. I mean... come back with me.

    Amy Robbins: Back?

    H.G. WellsAmy Robbins: Yes. Back to 1893.

    Amy Robbins: I'm a twentieth century woman. I have a career and a mind of my own. Be reasonable. How am I gonna make it in 1893?

    H.G. Wells: Is your career so important? It's your life we're talking about!

    Amy Robbins: My work is my life. As much as yours or any other man's. Please don't start sounding like my husband. Wait a minute... What about forward?

    H.G. Wells: Forward? You mean the future. Yes, of course!

    [thinks a moment]

    H.G. Wells: No... no. We're forgetting something... him. I can't just leave him here to do as he likes.

    Amy Robbins: So much for "your place or mine."

  • H.G. Wells: The first man to raise a fist is the man who's run out of ideas.

    Amy Robbins: I love you.

  • [as Wells and Amy are kissing on Amy's couch, she begins to remove pieces of his clothing - first taking off his glasses, then unfastening his collar]

    H.G. Wells: Amy, I don't want to compromise you. Are you quite certain I'm not forcing you to...

    Amy Robbins: Forcing me? My God, Herbert, I'm practically raping you.

    H.G. Wells: [smiles] Yeah, that's true.

  • H.G. Wells: Do you still insist that this is all poppycock?

    Amy Robbins: That's not exactly the word I had in mind.

  • Amy Robbins: I like that suit. Is that what they're wearing in London?

    H.G. Wells: It was when I left.

  • H.G. Wells: Amy, wait, listen to me!

    Amy Robbins: I *have* listened, and a bigger crock of shit I've never heard!

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