Amelia Earhart Quotes in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)


Amelia Earhart Quotes:

  • Tuskegee Airman #2: [to Amelia] Ma'am, I'd just like to thank you...

    Amelia Earhart: For what?

    Tuskegee Airman #2: Well, a lot of people didn't think we could fly, either. Thanks for clearing the runway.

    [salutes her]

  • Amelia Earhart: Do you know why I became a pilot?

    Larry Daley: I have no idea.

    Amelia Earhart: For the fun of it. Why else would anyone do anything?

  • Amelia Earhart: You've got moxie, kid!

  • Amelia Earhart: I take it you have a plan?

    Larry Daley: I'm gonna divide the house.

  • Amelia Earhart: Well, Larry Daley, in case you weren't listening, I'm not one to shy away from danger.

    [Four spears thrown by Kahmunrah's men go flying past her]

    Larry Daley: How about spears? Are you one to shy away from spears?

  • Amelia Earhart: You haven't been able to take your cheaters off my chassis since we met.

    Larry Daley: I literally didn't understand a word you just said.

  • Amelia Earhart: I just feel as if I've been asleep for along time and now suddenly I'm awake.

    Larry Daley: I can explain that.

  • Amelia Earhart: [Sees Kah Mun Rah's men approaching] Crimey, we're jimmy-jacked!

    Larry Daley: Jimmy-jacked?

    Amelia Earhart: It's the way I speak!

    Larry Daley: Yeah, but that sounds made-up, even for you...

    Amelia Earhart: [flatly] 'Oh no, our path has been blocked by bad people' what's the fun in that? The point is, we're not getting into 'Air and Space' right now.

    Larry Daley: Yeah, you're right. We are...

    Both: Jimmy-jacked...

  • Larry Daley: I am an inventor, I invent things.

    Amelia Earhart: Oh, like the rocket ship?

    Larry Daley: No.

    Amelia Earhart: The sea plane?

    Larry Daley: No.

    Amelia Earhart: The dirigible?

    Larry Daley: No.

  • Amelia Earhart: It's a matter of life and death!

    The Thinker: I'll tell you what's a matter of life and death, that beautiful lady over there.

    [statue of Aphrodite giggles]

    The Thinker: Hey baby, check out the gun show goin' on over here.

    [Does a few muscular poses]

    The Thinker: BOOM, BOOM! Firepower!

  • Larry Daley: What are you staring at?

    Amelia Earhart: I don't want to miss a moment.

  • [from trailer]

    Amelia Earhart: [in awe] Great Gatsby!

  • George Putnam: Come back to me.

    Amelia Earhart: Always.

  • Amelia Earhart: Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?

  • Fred Noonan: Might be easier to shoot me.

    Amelia Earhart: Just lightening the load.

    Fred Noonan: You got room for 180 pounds of asshole?

  • Gore Vidal: Why don't you marry my father? Then I won't be afraid of anything anymore.

    Amelia Earhart: I'm already married, to Mr. Putnam.

    Gore Vidal: Why can't you be married to Mr. Putnam and my father at the same time?

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