Amber Mendez Quotes in The Running Man (1987)


Amber Mendez Quotes:

  • Amber Mendez: Me and my big mouth. We should have taken the trip to Hawaii.

    Ben Richards: I had the shirt for it, but you fucked it up.

  • Amber Mendez: I'm warning you, I get sick. Air sick, car sick. I'm gonna throw up all over you.

    Richards: Go ahead. Won't show on this shirt.

  • Amber Mendez: [after Richards cut Buzzsaw in half with a chain saw] What happened to Buzzsaw?

    Ben Richards: He had to split.

  • Amber Mendez: [seeing Fireball enter the game] Jesus Christ!

    Ben Richards: [seeing Fireball discharge a burst from his flamethrower] Guess again!

  • Dynamo: Thought it was pretty funny out there in the zone? What's the matter now bitch, why aren't you laughing?

    Amber Mendez: Because there's nothing funny about a dickless moron with a battery up his ass.

  • [Referring to dead bodies]

    Amber Mendez: They're running men. Last season's winners.

    Fireball: No. Last season's losers.

  • Ben Richards: Now I'm gonna untie you, and then you're gonna get dressed, and then you're gonna come with me.

    Amber Mendez: Oh yeah? But why should I?

    Ben Richards: Because I'm gonna say "please"...

    [Arnold tears up the bench Amber is tied to from the floor it was bolted to]

    Amber Mendez: Well, why didn't you say so?

  • Amber Mendez: They think I'm your girlfriend.

    Ben Richards: I can straighten that out. See that camera up there? I'll strangle you in front of the whole audience.

  • [Amber is being introduced to the audience as a special guest 'runner']

    Phil Hiton: ...Later, she cheated on College exams. Then she had sexual relations with three, sometimes even four men within a single year. Then came Mad Dog Ben Richards, her *Confederate*, her LOVER!

    Amber Mendez: That's a lie!

    Damon Killian: Let's reunite these two lovebirds!

    [audience cheers]

    Damon Killian: [Amber is sent down to the game zone]

  • Damon Killian: [after the introduction of Dynamo] Oh, thank you. You're beautiful. Well, it's been an exciting show so far, right? We've had shocks. We've had surprises. And we thought, why not one more surprise? Will you please help me welcome our mystery contestant: Miss Amber Mendez!

    [Amber is dragged onstage by Sven and his other two guards; audience applauds]

    Amber Mendez: Let me go!

    Damon Killian: Amber! Now I understand that you're single, Amber, and that you live on the West Side. And not surprisingly, she's flaunted the law and traditional morality all of her life.

    Amber Mendez: Go ahead. Tell some lies about me now.

    Damon Killian: We don't lie. Phil, tell us all about her.

  • Amber Mendez: [Fireball arrives in the game zone by jetpack] Jesus Christ!

    Ben Richards: Guess again.

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