Amanda Quotes in Jurassic Park III (2001)


Amanda Quotes:

  • Amanda: This is how you make dinosaurs?

    Dr. Grant: No, this is how you play God.

  • Dr. Grant: Oh my God.

    Amanda: What is this?

    Dr. Grant: It's a bird cage.

    Amanda: For what?

  • [last lines]

    Erik: Where do you think they're going?

    Dr. Grant: I don't know. Maybe just looking for new nesting grounds. It's a whole new world for them.

    Amanda: I dare 'em to nest in Enid, Oklahoma.

  • Jared: So how long you know this one for?

    Bryce: I don't know, about 14 hours now. Picked her up last night at The Mercer Club.

    Amanda: Nuh-uh. I picked you up last night. Don't start lyin' already.

  • Jared: No way, it's Mr. OG Wannabe.

    Bryce: What's up, you scruffy little beach rat?

    [guys start wrestling]

    Bryce: Okay. I'm gonna throw your ass right now. Watch.

    [they end up on the floor]

    Jared: Go to sleep, go to sleep.

    Bryce: Okay, okay. Allright.

    Jared: You've been spending way too much time in court.

    Bryce: Wait, hold on, hold on. Don't move for a second. Oh, that feels really good.

    Jared: You sick-ass.

    [they stand up]

    Bryce: What's up?

    Jared: Good to see you.

    Bryce: Good to see you too, bro.

    Jared: How's New York treating you?

    Bryce: It's paying me. A lot of bad guys need defending, I defend them. That's what I do.

    Jared: That's still a scary thougt.

    Bryce: [Looking at Sam] Oh, my God. Can I get a what-what and a side of french fries, please? Look at that body. It's ridiculous. Holy shit. How much have you missed me?

    Sam: Oh, every minute.

    Bryce: Oh, my God, it's so tight too. It's like that everywhere, even. It's good to see you, Sam. You know, if we had met first, you and I, things would be a lot different around these parts, you know that.

    Sam: Easy cheesy.

    Jared: Anyway. Okay, so you must be Lisa?

    Amanda: Who's Lisa?

    Bryce: Yeah, who the hell is Lisa?


    Bryce: Amanda. Amanda.

    Jared: Amanda.

    Sam: Hi, Amanda. I'm Sam. Welcome to the Bahamas.

    Amanda: Hi. Nice to meet you you, Sam.

    Jared: I'm Jared. Sorry about that.

  • Amanda: I love the Caribbean. Too hot to wear shirts, too hot to wear pants and we're two hot young ladies.

    Sam: You dive?

    Amanda: Yeah, I can keep up.

    Jared: So how long you known this one for?

    Bryce: I don't know, about 14 hours now. Picked her up last night at The Mercer...

    Amanda: [interupts Bryce] I picked you up last night. Don't start lying already.

    Sam: So you and Bryce.

    Bryce: I think I'm in love. Serious.

    Bryce: [Looks at Jared]


    Bryce: I'm not serious.

  • Amanda: [about selling the cocaine] I told you she wouldn't be into it. She's so clean, she squeaks.

    Sam: Shut up, you coke whore.

  • Jared: He is not the guy you wanna pick a fight with.

    Bryce: I didn't pick a fight, I didn't pick a fight.

    Amanda: Yeah you didn't pick a fight... you just punched the guy.

  • Amanda: How many do you think are down there?

    Bryce: Enough bricks to build a house, a multi-million dollar cocaine palace.

  • Amanda: She's so clean, she squeaks.

    Sam: Shut up, you coke whore.

  • Bryce: sam, amanda, stop alright. we are all in this together now right?

    Sam: not me. not anymore.

    Amanda: bye

    [waving motion]

    Jared: [sam starts leaving, jared goes after her] sam, sam, sam...

    Sam: see ya on the ten o' clock news

    Jared: what?

    Sam: you heard me.

    Jared: come on, sam, come on, what are you doing?

    Sam: what is wrong with you?, a week ago you had too much integrity to work for scubabob and now you are working for feaking drug dealers?

    Jared: baby...

    Sam: i believe in you more than in the prospect of any treasure.

    Jared: if we do this, just this one time... and it's over, that's it.

    Sam: it's already over.

    [sam leaves]

    Jared: no come on, what are you talking about?, sam come on!, sam come on!

  • Amanda: Whatever happened to finders keepers, losers weepers.

  • Amanda: Loose lips, sink ships.

    Bryce: That's right, baby. Loose lips do sink ships.

  • Amanda: Don't look at me. I'll stay here and suck on my thumb, while you guys go play Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Amanda: Belief is half of being.

  • Amanda: I knew that you were real. I came to save you.

  • Abbott McMullen: If you're here to talk about Victor Crowley again, I told you everything I had to say yesterday.

    Amanda: Well actually, Abbott, that was ten years ago.

  • Amanda: How come I've never seen you around these things before?

    Sean Donovan: Well, I've been pretty busy, hitting the books a lot.

    Amanda: Looks like they've been hitting back. That's a serious bruise you have right there. What happened?

  • Amanda: Oh, he's nice. I don't like kids to begin with, but NICE kids drive me crazy.

  • Amanda: This guy's trouble, Molly. He can't help us. He can't even help himself.

  • Amanda: I never get personally involved.

  • Amanda: Spock, does the good of the many out weigh the good of the one?

    Spock: I would accept that as an axiom.

    Amanda: Then you stand here alive because of a mistake made by your flawed, feeling, human friends. They have sacrificed their futures because they believed that the good of the one - you - was more important to them.

    Spock: Humans make illogical decisions.

    Amanda: They do, indeed.

  • Mr. Lambert: Hm, interesting report Amanda. But I hate to break it to ya but in this class we study History not Creative Writing.

    Amanda: But Mr. Lambert, this is a true story. It happened right here in New Orleans.

    Mr. Lambert: [Looks impressed] Mmmkay, documentation please? Books?

    Amanda: I really don't have any books. It's kinda like an oral history.

    Mr. Lambert: Oh so you mean some family history passed down from generation to generation?

    Amanda: Not exactly.

    Mr. Lambert: I have to say Amanda, the accuracy of sources is questionable.

    Amanda: I was personally told by someone who was there.

    [the class of students giggle]

    Mr. Lambert: OK? So there's a 350 year old pirate here in town? Are you always this informed?

    Amanda: He doesn't live anywhere, anymore.

    Mr. Lambert: You - you just said...

    Amanda: I interviewed him...


    Amanda: With an Ouija board.

    Mr. Lambert: With a what did I just hear?

    Amanda: [She says it louder] With a Ouija board.

    [the class of students laugh]

    Mr. Lambert: Okay, Okay. Hey! Amanda is entitled to her beliefs that's not the issue here. Okay, Amanda you have an assignment. It was a history assignment. I'm gonna have to give you an incomplete until you re-write that assignment. And please remember History is facts.

  • Russell: [to Amanda] I just figured that you were the one that was CRAZY that's all.

    Amanda: Crazy? Crazy? If you think it's crazy to think that theirs more to life then video games and $100 running shoes, well then I guess I'm crazy. You know but let me tell you something there are a lot of very intelligent people that have had a lot of crazy ideas. Like Atlantis.

    Russell: My Aunt's from Atlanta and she's not crazy.

    Amanda: Not from Atlanta genius, Atlantis. Lost Continent? They has a civilization that was way ahead of us.

    Russell: Atlantis wasn't real. It was just a myth

    Amanda: Really? Do you know what this is?

    [She takes off her necklace]

    Russell: Part of an old chandelier right?

    Amanda: Wrong. My Grandfather was given this in World War II. My an old woman he met in Italy. She was descended from the original inhabitance of Atlantis. She told him they used to use the crystals for power. It could extract energy from the crystals. Enough energy to power the whole continent.

    Russell: I bet Gramps had to give her a whole pack of Juicy Fruit for it.

    Amanda: You don't take anything seriously. Give me it back.

  • Russell: What can I say? I believe. The supernatural world is an amazing place.

    Amanda: To visit.

    [Amanda giggles]

    Amanda: But I wouldn't want to live there.

  • Amanda: You are right, Manuel. To go into town would be suicide for armed men, but not for a woman.

  • Amanda: Do you think I sleep with every guy who writes me a letter? No. I give them hand jobs.

  • Graham: And what did you say?

    Iris: I asked her to hold. Can I call you back?

    Graham: I can hold while you speak to her.

    Iris: Really?

    Graham: Find out how she is.

    Iris: Okay.

    [Iris switches call]

    Iris: My brother wants to know how you are.

    Amanda: Can you tell him I'm good and that I'm just taking Charlie for a walk in the village. Um, what's he been up to? Did he say?

    Iris: I'm not sure. Do you want me to ask him?

    Amanda: Uh, sure.

    Iris: Okay. Hold please.

    [Iris switches call again]

    Iris: I can't believe that you have had sex with the woman staying in my house!

    Amanda: [Gasps] He told you that?

    Iris: Oh, my God!

    Amanda: Oh, my God!

    Iris: Oh, my God! I thought I was talking to Graham! Can you just hold, please? I'm terribly sorry.

    [Iris switches calls again]

    Iris: I can't believe you had sex with Amanda! The one thing she asked me was, 'Are there any men in your town?', and I assured her that there were not. And then you meet her and immediately get into her knickers!

    Amanda: Still me.

    Iris: Bollocks! I must have lost him. Amanda, I am so sorry.

    [Call waiting beeps]

    Iris: Can I call you back?

    Amanda: Sure.

    Iris: Okay, bye.

  • Sophie: Daddy, she has more marshmallows than I do.

    Graham: No she doesn't, you each have five.

    [to Amanda]

    Graham: You have five too.

    Amanda: Thanks

  • Graham: Well, I cry all the time.

    Amanda: You do not.

    Graham: Yeah I do. More than any woman you've ever met.

    Amanda: You don't have to be this nice.

    Graham: It happens to be the truth.

    Amanda: Really?

    Graham: A good book, a great film, a birthday card, I weep.

    Amanda: Shut up.

    Graham: I'm a major weeper.

  • Amanda: So now I'm just gonna kiss you for the millionth time and say 'Be seeing you'.

    [they kiss each other gently]

    Amanda: Be seeing you.

  • Amanda: You know, I was just thinking why would I ever leave before New Year's Eve? That makes no sense at all. I mean, you didn't exactly ask me out... but you did say you loved me... so I'm thinking I've got a date. If you'll have me.

    Graham: I have the girls New Year's Eve.

    Amanda: Sounds perfect.

  • Iris: [reading aloud what she types to Amanda during live chat discussing home exchange] I'm Iris, by the way. I'm very normal, neat-freak, healthy, non-smoker, single...

    [stops, fighting back tears; then adds to herself]

    Iris: Hate my horrible life!

    Amanda: I'm Amanda.

    [to herself]

    Amanda: Loner, loser and complicated wreck!

  • Amanda: Who cut out all of those beautiful stars?

    Sophie: We did.

    Olivia: The three musketeers.

  • Amanda: I need some peace and quiet... or whatever it is people go away for.

  • Graham: Long distance relationships can work, you know.

    Amanda: Really? I can't make one work when I live in the same house with someone.

  • Amanda: Sex makes everything more complicated. Even not having it, because the not having it... makes it complicated.

    Graham: That's why it's better to have it... some say.

  • Amanda: Who is it?

    Graham: It's me. Hurry up. It's freezing.

    Amanda: Who are you?

    Graham: Iris, open the door or I swear I'm gonna take a leak all over your front...

    [Amanda quickly opens the door]

    Graham: You're not Iris. Or if you are I'm much drunker than I realized. I'm sorry for my profanity. I wasn't expecting you.

    Amanda: No, I wasn't expecting you either.

  • Amanda: Okay, let's say we just make this happen. We each commit to flying back and forth as much as we can.

    Graham: Yes! It's doable, definitely.

    Amanda: And then let's say in 6 months we hit a wall. Like I can't constantly be away from work or the girls can't deal with you leaving so often. Then we start to feel the tension, we know this isn't going to work, so we start fighting because we don't know what else to do. And after a long, tearful- at your end...

    Graham: I like it


    Graham: .

    Amanda: -phone call we say goodbye. And that'll be it, for real. It's not like we're ever going to bump into each other. And then what's left? Two miserable people feeling totally mashed up it hurts. Or...

    Graham: Thank you.

    Amanda: Or maybe we should just realize that what we've had these past few weeks has been perfect. And maybe it won't get any better than this. And maybe we're trying to figure this thing out because it makes us feel so good to feel this way, and maybe the fact that I'm leaving in 8 hours makes this far more exciting than it might actually be.

    Graham: You're seriously the most depressing girl I have ever met.

  • Amanda: You know Graham, I just broke up with someone and considering you just showed up and you're insanely good-looking and probably won't remember me anyway... I'm thinking we should have sex... If you want.

    Graham: Is that a trick question?

  • Amanda: I'm not going to fall in love with you, I promise.

    Graham: Okay. Nicely put. Thank you.

    Amanda: No, it's just that I know myself. I'm not sure I even fall in love. Not like the way other people do. How's that for something to admit?

    Graham: Well, like I said, Most Interesting Girl Award.

    Amanda: I'm gonna try to see that as a compliment.

    Graham: You should. Absolutely.

  • Graham: I have another scenario for you.

    Amanda: Good.

    Graham: I am in love with you. I apologize for the blunt delivery, but as problematic as this fact may be, I am in love. With you. And I'm not feeling this because you're leaving, and not because it feels good to feel this way- which by the way, it does, or did before you went off like that. I can't figure out the mathematics of this, I just know I love you. Can't believe how many times I'm saying it. I never thought I'd feel this way again, so that's pretty phenomenal. But I realize I come with a package deal- 3 for the price of 1. And my package perhaps in the light of day isn't all that wonderful, but I finally know what I want, and that in itself is a miracle. And what I want is you.

    Amanda: I wasn't expecting 'I Love You'. Can you not look at me like that? I'm trying to find the right thing to say.

    Graham: I think if the obvious response doesn't immediately come to you, uh, we can just, we should just talk about something else. Like possibly what a complete ass I am. I do recall you promising me you wouldn't fall in love with me. Must pay better attention.

    Amanda: I've never met a guy who talks as much as me. But just for now, be quiet.

  • Iris: [Iris answers telephone] Hello?

    Graham: So are you ever coming home?

    Iris: Oh, my God, hi.

    Graham: How's it going?

    Iris: Great. I met a really nice guy.

    Graham: See? And you said you'd never. What's he like?

    Iris: He's really cute. I feel great when I'm with him, which is an entirely new experience. And he's about ninety years old.

    Graham: Come on.

    Iris: He's my next-door neighbor. Or Amanda's next-door neighbor. By the way you should pop over and meet her.

    Graham: Yeah, I have, actually.

    Iris: [Call waiting beeps] Oh, bugger. Call waiting. Can you hold for a sec? Hold on. I really wanna talk to you.

    Graham: Sure.

    Iris: [Iris switches to other call] Hello?

    Amanda: Iris, hi, it's Amanda.

    Iris: How are you? How's it going?

    Amanda: Everything's great. How are you?

    Iris: Oh, I'm loving it. Listen, can you hold for a sec? My brother's on the other line.

    Amanda: Graham?

    Iris: Yes. He said you met.

    Amanda: Yes, we did meet. How is he?

    Iris: Fine, I think. Can you just hold on for a sec?

    Amanda: Sure.

    Iris: [Iris switches calls] Okay. Hi, sorry. That was Amanda.

    Graham: How'd she sound? How's she doing?

    Iris: She just asked me how you are.

  • Amanda: Are you D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D?

    Graham: No W-I-D-O-W-E-R.

  • Graham: Bad?

    Amanda: Weird. Kissing a total stranger.

    Graham: Really? I do it all the time.

  • Amanda: [after finding out they didn't have sex] We didn't? Why not?

    Graham: Call me old fashioned, but I don't believe it to be appropriate to have sex with a woman who is unconcious.

  • Amanda: I need to get out of town. You know, I think I need some peace and quiet... or whatever it is people go away for. You know what I really want to do? I want to eat carbs without wanting to kill myself. You know, I want to read a book! Not just a magazine, an actual book. For years I read this reviews, I buy the books but I never read them. Did you read that article in the New York Times last Sunday? Severe stress makes women age prematurely because stress causes the DNA in our cells to shrink until they can no longer replicate. So when we're stressed we look haggard. This is just women not men.

    Ben: Sorry.

    Amanda: And remember when they used to say that single women over the age of 35 were more likely to get killed by a terrorist than to get married? Okay, that was horrible but now our generation is also not getting married and, bonus!, real terrorists actually became part of our lives. So the stress of it all shows up on our faces making us look haggard!

  • Amanda: I'm leaving in nine days and that makes this complicated.

    Graham: Ok

    [they then passionately kiss]

  • [after Amanda slams the door in his face]

    Ethan: You didn't really wanna be a couple! You resist it in your own way.

    Amanda: [growling through her teeth; as she runs upstairs] *Shut UP!*

    Ethan: And it's hard to detect how you even do it, because nobody's quite as smart as you! So you're hard to catch at it. But it always surfaces and this is what happens.

    Amanda: [on the balcony; looking down at him] What happened?

    Ethan: Things end. Just like you knew they would!

  • Graham: So you were totally great.

    Amanda: Yeah, this is a bitch.

  • Ethan: Look at me. I'm down here sweating like a pig. And look at you. You're the only woman on the face of the earth that breaks up with her boyfriend and doesn't even shed a tear. I mean, that's gotta mean something, right?

    Amanda: Why does it bug you so much that I can't cry?

  • [as an Indian, ad-libbing during a Thanksgiving play]

    Wednesday: Wait!

    Amanda: What?

    Wednesday: We cannot break bread with you.

    Amanda: Huh? Becky, what's going on?

    Becky: [whispered] Wednesday!

    Wednesday: You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the road sides, you will play golf, and enjoy hot hors d'oeuvres. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. They have said, "Do not trust the Pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller."

    Amanda: Gary, she's changing the words.

    Wednesday: And for all these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground.

  • Amanda: Hi, I'm Amanda Buckman. Why are you dressed like that?

    Wednesday: Like what?

    Amanda: Like you're going to a funeral. Why are you dressed like somebody died?

    Wednesday: Wait.

  • Wednesday: I'm not perky.

    Amanda: That's for damn sure.

  • Gary: [to the Campers] Lifesaving! Now I know we're all top-notch, little swimmers, but now we get to show our stuff and earn those certificates! Hey, how about our first little pair of lifesaving buddies? Amanda, Wednesday?

    Amanda: Is that your bathing suit?

    Wednesday: Is that your overbite?

    Gary: Now, one of you will be the drowning victim and the other one gets to be our lifesaver.

    Amanda: I'll be the victim!

    Wednesday: All your life.

  • Wednesday: Hurry up!

    Pugsley: I'm coming.

    Joel: Wait!

    Wednesday: Who's there?

    Joel: Be careful. Tetanus.

    [siren sounds]

    Amanda: [walking toward Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel with Gary, Becky and Camp Children] There they are! I saw them sneak out.

    Gary: Children, what do you think you're doing?

    Wednesday: We have to see our family. It's very important.

    Becky: More important than a summer of fun? More important than making new friends? More important than sharing?

    Gary: And Joel Glicker. I'm surprised at you.

    Joel: I-I have to get out of here. I have allergies.

    Becky: [mockingly] Oh, you're allergic? To sunshine and archery and crafts?

    Joel: Yes.

    Amanda: I think they should be punished.

    [starts chanting]

    Amanda: Punish!

    Camp Children: [chanting along with Amanda] Punish! Punish! Punish! Punish! Punish! Punish!

    Becky: No! No! We are *not* here to punish. We are here to inspire.

    Gary: Campers? Do you know what I think are little ninja friends here need? Do you know what just might turn their sad and potentially wasted little lives right all around?

    Joel: What?

    Camp Children: [singing in unison with Gary, Becky, and Amanda] Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya. Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya. Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya. Oh Lord, kumbaya.

  • Gary: [opens cabin door] Mail call.

    [handing out mail]

    Gary: Addams!

    Becky: [handing out mail] Barclay, Cesselman, Calloway, Dexter, Donman, Edwards, Evans, Barclay, Finley, Fisher, Gingham, Ginley, Harper.

    Wednesday: Oh, no.

    Pugsley: What is it?

    Wednesday: This is unspeakable.

    Becky: Is something wrong, Wednesday? Bad news?

    Wednesday: This is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of human events. Uncle Fester's getting married.

    Gary: A wedding? But that's great news!

    Amanda: To whom?

    Wednesday: The nanny.

    Amanda: Get out of the cabin. I mean, I'll kill myself. The help?

    Becky: I'm sure she's a very nice lady.

    Amanda: I think that's disgusting. I think their whole family's like some weird medical experiment. I think they're like, circus people.

    Pugsley: [menacingly] What did you say?

    Becky: Campers! Group hug!

    Gary: Wednesday... Pugsley. Will a hug hurt us?

    Wednesday: We don't hug.

    Becky: Oh, they're just shy.

    Pugsley: We're not shy.

    Wednesday: We're contagious.

    Gary: I'm sensing some friction here. Somethin' not quite Chippewa.

    Camp Children: Mm-hmm.

    Gary: But, hey, no problemo. All they need are good friends, good fun, and a little time in the Harmony Hut.

  • [Amanda has been kicked in the chest]

    Amanda: I know I don't got a lot up there, but what I got sure don't feel too good.

  • Amanda: I searched his apartment and I know him... intimately.

    Roxana: Honey, you left the blinds open. We all know him intimately.

  • Amanda: Why are you talking to your therapist about me?

    Jade: She says I talk too much about myself.

  • Amanda: Why don't you have a badge?

    Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: Because I'm undercover!

    Amanda: Well Hey! You know what? I'm undercover too! Did you want to see my badge? Oopsie! I don't have one!

  • Amanda: [spying on Jim's apartment, seeing the girl scouts] Those little whores are good. They even bring the props.

  • Lisa: Look busy.

    Amanda: I am busy.

    Lisa: Well, help me look busy.

  • Amanda: He's got some fatal flaw.

    Candi: How do you know that?

    Amanda: I'm attracted to him.

  • Roxana: Hey Amanda? If you find a 20 dollar bill on the floor of someone else's apartment is it the same as if you find it in the street?

    Amanda: No.

    Roxana: Then I haven't found anything.

  • Holly: We have a lot of people interested, so what is it that you do?

    Amanda: Oh, I work...

    Holly: You work? I like you! Did I mention you're in the lead for the apartment?

  • Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: [about the dog] I guess Hamlet likes you.

    Amanda: You mean he doesn't tackle just anyone?

    Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: [smiling] No he tackles everyone. But he only drools on his favorites.

    Amanda: Well I'm flattered.

  • Amanda: I've got the runs. I mean, I've got to run.

    [walks away]

    Amanda: Oh my God. "I've got the runs?"

  • Roxana: Isn't that the new CK girl?

    Jade: Uh-huh. She's cute.

    Holly: You know, I heard they gave here eleven million dollars.

    Amanda: She looks fourteen, though.

    Holly: Hello?

    RoxanaJadeHolly: She's twelve.

  • [pissed off at how she looks]

    Amanda: I look like STEVIE NICKS!

  • Amanda: It looks like a closet.

    Holly: Silly, closets don't have windows.

  • Amanda: I know what you're thinking, you may think you have the worst taste in men, but you don't... I do. My grade school boyfriend left me for someone with boobs, my high school boyfriend Charlie left me for well, someone with out any boobs.

  • Amanda: New York City. Home to 8 million people. Roughly half of whom are men. Which means half of the city is genetically predisposed to lie to the other half.

  • Amanda: Now I know what your flaw is.

    Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: What?

    Amanda: [she grabs his wrist] You throw like a girl.

    [She pulls Jim over and laughs]

  • Amanda: Not my dog that what they say to avoid a lawsuit

    [Hamlet Nudges Amanda from behind making Amanda fall into Jim's arms]

    Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: Come on Hamlet


    Jim Winston/FBI Agent Bob Smoot: No means no, dude.

  • Amanda: I've had a crush on you since we met. Couldn't you tell, the way I was ignoring you?

    Jerry Falk: Well, there was something compelling about your apathy.

  • Jerry Falk: Do you love me?

    Amanda: What a question. Just because I pull away when you touch me?

  • Amanda: Okay. Okay, I slept with Ron Keller. But I didn't do it because I care about him.

    Jerry Falk: No? What then? To punish him?

    Amanda: No, I did it because I had to find out if there was something wrong with me. Because I can't sleep with you, the person that I love. I had to know if I was some kind of freak, or frigid. I had to know if I could even get aroused anymore and have an orgasm.

    Jerry Falk: And can you?

    Amanda: Yeah. It's good news. I can.

  • Amanda: Don't be mad at me, but I ate.

    Jerry Falk: You ate?

    Amanda: I couldn't help it. I was starving when I got back from the audition, so I had a little sliver of that Sara Lee cream cheesecake. Then I had another one. You know what I'm like when I get started. Before I knew it, I'd finished the whole cake.

    Jerry Falk: You ate the whole Sara Lee cream cheesecake?

    Amanda: And then I figured, what the hell. I finished off the cold spaghetti in the refrigerator, and ate that last lobster tail and then I heated up some chicken pot pie.

    Jerry Falk: Jesus, is there any furniture left in the house?

  • Jerry Falk: [after learning his girlfriend cheated on him] OK. Where's the rifle? I need the rifle. I'm going to blow my brains out!

    Amanda: Oh, don't be so middle class! I did it as much for you as for me.

  • Amanda: Who do you need protection from?

    Jerry Falk: Burglars, rapists, the Gestapo.

  • Amanda: Am I late?

    Jerry Falk: Not if we go by Rocky Mountain time.

  • Amanda: Jerry, don't be mad. Don't be mad. And don't be mad at Ron, he was just trying to help.

    Jerry Falk: Of course he was. Ron? How could I be upset at Ron? In fact, remind me please to put him on my Christmas list if I can figure out how to make a letterbomb.

  • Amanda: That's wonderful. You'll really knock 'em dead out there. Idiots who are total losers in New York, go to L.A. and become millionaires.

  • Amanda: I told you, shrinks don't work for me, I know how to fool them.

  • Jerry Falk: It's exactly as Dobel says, there is truly a paucity of veridical talent in the world.

    Amanda: When will I get to meet this polymath?

  • Amanda: You're the only one I've ever dated who knows exactly what to get me. That's because you have a special vision of me.

    [Jerry opens his present]

    Jerry Falk: Ah, "No Exit" and "The Flies", Jean-Paul Sartre, that's amazing, thank you so much!

    Amanda: It was between that and O'Neill. I couldn't decided whose pessimistic nihilism would make you happier.

    Jerry Falk: You know I think it was Tennessee Williams who said that "the opposite of death is desire". And I desired you from the first moment we met.

  • Jerry Falk: Okay, alright, I want out of this relationship.

    Amanda: Jerry, Jerry don't say that. Don't say that, you know I need you.

    Jerry Falk: Need me? How can you need me when all of these positive feelings happen with everybody but me?

  • Ernest P. Worrell: Sheriff Binder open up! It was awful, the thunder and the lightning, and it had great big teeth and things on its ears like this! It was at least this big and at least this long!

    Cliff: Whoa, whoa, Ernest, what's going on?

    Amanda: Ernest do you know what time it is?

    Ernest P. Worrell: Maybe Old Lady Hackmore was right, maybe it WAS a troll! Luckily I was there to beat it within an inch of its face.

    Cliff: Old Lady Hackmore?

    Ernest P. Worrell: Yeah the kids and I built a treehouse out there and she got REAL STEAMED.

    Amanda: You took Kenny and the kids out there? Trespassing on an old lady's property?

    Cliff: Yeah, but what happened?

    Ernest P. Worrell: Sheriff, I saw a troll! I really saw a troll!

    Kenny: Dad, something really weird WAS happening in those woods tonight!

    Ernest P. Worrell: Yeah, you gotta do something, Sheriff.

    Cliff: Now calm down, Ernest, you probably just had a bad dream. So pinch yourself.

    [Ernest pinches himself and screams]

    Cliff: and go home.

    Ernest P. Worrell: Oww! I'm not dreaming, this really hurts!

  • Amanda: Look, all our problems revolve around your geriatric loving loser creep of a friend. And as soon as you outgrow him, the sooner you'll be to reaching your potential.

    Spence Holmes: Just enough with Hogan, please.

    Amanda: No. No, Spencey. If you spend the rest of your life associating yourself with that vermin, you will become that vermin.

    Spence Holmes: [downs his beer in disgust]

    Amanda: Spencey, I love you, I just want what's best for you.

  • Amanda: Spence, you complete me!

  • David: She dead?

    Ronnie: Yeah.

    Tom: Oh, yeah.

    Gina: Your hair looks great!

    Amanda: You like it? I'm not sure.

    Gina: Yeah! Really great.

  • Amanda: [in introduction to movie] "Did you ever dream about someone, before you saw them in life? Sorta like you made them up, but you didn't. It really happens, things like that. Strange amazing things like that. I swear they happen all the time."

  • Amanda: I was ready to share forever with you, but did you care? No. You'd rather share it with him, and steal, steal, steal! Alan, Alan, Alan! I mean, was I just some hole for you? What does he have that I don't?

    Ben: Uh, well, an indoor voice.

  • Serena: Now, to solidify your place in Tau history, one final challenge: The Freak Fest. Take one and pass the hat. Written on each slip of paper you will see a type of person.

    [Sorority pledges start opening their drawn papers to read "cripple," "deaf dude" and "fat fuck"]

    Serena: Your Tau pledge mission? Find the freak, work your charms, and get him to declare his love for you.

    Jessica: [opening her paper to read "Muslim] I'm literally fucked!

    Amanda: What's so bad about that?

    Jessica: Hello. I'm a Jew! What'd you get?

    Jessica: [reading "fag" on Amanda's paper] Harsh.

    Serena: In three weeks we're having a party. Bring your dates and then, without mercy, dump them. You will prove to your sisters that you can survive in this world, that, if pushed, you can be as ruthless and disgusting as men.

  • Amanda: Enough. If you're so depraved you'd inflict your desires on an unwilling body, then proceed.

  • Allison: Oh my god!

    Amanda: What?

    Allison: That guy is getting a blow job!

    AllisonSasha: [both start laughing]

    Amanda: [indignant] It's not fuckin' funny, Allison! Shut up!

  • Amanda: [whispering to Sasha] Say something!

    Sasha: [to Allison and Emily in the front seat] OK, ya' know what? I, for one, wanna' just voice the opinion that this is crazy whack. I just had to say that.

  • Manuel: What's your name?

    Amanda: Amanda.


    Manuel: Amanda huh? You want to smoke some crack?

    Amanda: Uh, no.

  • Emily: [Emily, Amanda, and Sasha approach Allison at her locker the morning after her arrest with Hector and his gang] Ally, you are soo fucking down!

    Sasha: Yeah, like doing hard time and shit...

    Allison: [trying hard to be modest] No, no, it wasn't like that...

    Amanda: Come on, I heard you hit a cop and you got into a knife fight!

    Allison: Na, no-no guys. It was more like uh... detention.

    [tosses her purse into her locker and flings it shut]

    Allison: See ya later!

    [puts her arm around Emily's waist and the two of them walk away]

    Amanda: [watches them leave] Bye...

    Sasha: So, I wonder what Daddy thought!

    Amanda: [rolls her eyes] Please! Daddy waved his magic wand and it went away.

  • Amanda: You want me to fall back in love with you? How do I do that if I haven't ever stopped?

  • Amanda: This is dangerous, we've had wine, and you somehow have gotten better looking which is so annoying. I mean you couldn't have gotten bald or fat or something? Jesus!

  • Amanda: It's almost like I don't know who that person was on the tape

  • [Last lines]

    Jim: I'm contagious.

    Amanda: Apparently.

    [They laugh until they cry]

    Jim: It's okay. It's okay.

    Amanda: Now, it's just never gonna stop.

    [They exhale and stop laughing/crying]

  • Jim: I was thinking about... our first time... in the back of this truck at the lake.

    Amanda: All 38 seconds of it.

    Jim: Oh, shut up! I was excited. I was 16, okay. I've developed some serious skills since then. I'll have you now.

    Amanda: Oh yeah?

    Jim: In fact, I've been servicing the entire Tucson, Arizona area with...

    Amanda: What are you, a plumber?

  • Amanda: So, what's her name?

    Jason: No, it's nothing like that. In fact, it's kind of the opposite of that.

    Amanda: Oh!

    Jason: Oh no. Not like the opposite opposite. I mean like the opposite, different. I don't know what I mean.

  • Amanda: Just when you think you have your life all figured out, something comes and shakes it all up.

  • Richie: I'm not gonna go out there with a boner.

    Amanda: Well, you're not gonna get any until you do.

  • Richie: How's that beer treating you, beer snob?

    Mike: Better than my own piss.

    Wade: You can drink that, by the way. Yours, hers, hers, mine, yours. I swear to God, piss is sterile.

    Amanda: For the record, you will never drink my piss.

    Wade: That's what you think.

  • Richie: [after hearing about Jason, to Wade] I get it, though, dude. You do what you gotta do to survive, you know? If we were all out here starving to death and you were... and you were dead, I'd eat your leg.

    Amanda: That's really sweet.

    Richie: Thank you.

    Wade: Why would you eat my leg, man? I can teach you how to fish; just go fishing.

    Richie: I don't eat fish.

    Amanda: That's not what you told me.

    [they laugh]

  • Amanda: [while having sex] I heard something; stop it! Wait, I'm serious.

    Richie: What?

    Amanda: I think Wade's watching us.

    Richie: Wha... well, fuck it. Let the perv watch.

  • Amanda: [to Lynn] Let me give you the simple version. You will keep him alive, whatever it takes. No excuses, no equivocations.


    Amanda: No crying.

  • Amanda: I'm sorry. I know it's hard to concentrate when you're surrounded by so many things you could kill me with. Like this axe I saw you looking at.

    [holds the axe out to Lynn]

    Amanda: Take it. Please, it's yours. Come on. I go for the neck, but I'm not the brain surgeon. Just do it quietly so John doesn't hear me die. Otherwise, he is likely to get upset, rip off his heart rate monitor - boom! Then, you just have to find the sensor and disarm it so you can walk more than thirty feet out that door without the collar detonating. Or, you could try and take the collar off yourself. But that could be tricky. The slightest knock in the wrong place could trigger it. I should know. I built it.

  • Jigsaw: And what about the other test subjects?

    Amanda: What about 'em?

    Jigsaw: Is that how you felt about them? Is that how you felt about Eric Matthews?

    Amanda: Eric Matthews? I'll tell you how I felt about Eric Matthews. Eric Matthews learned NOTHING from your test. He was the SAME person he was and he arrested me, and he framed me when he took me DOWN!


    Eric Matthews: Where is he, you junkie bitch? You're not Jigsaw, bitch!

  • Amanda: He made it through the freezer room. He tried to save her.

    [starts crying]

    Jigsaw: There are some things I need you to do for me. In my desk. An envelope with your name on it.

    Amanda: [referring to Lynn] She's going to do a procedure on you.

    Jigsaw: Yeah?

    Amanda: To relieve the pressure on your brain.

    Jigsaw: Yeah.

    Amanda: Help with the headaches.


    Amanda: I can't do this!

    [leans back in the chair and cries harder]

    Jigsaw: Amanda, you can. You can! You're stronger now. And I believe in you.

    Amanda: You chose her because she's the best, right?

    Jigsaw: That's one reason I chose her.

  • Amanda: So?

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: My twenty second analysis without any medical equipment is that his brain is herniating.

    Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh.

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: He needs to go to the hospital and have an operation to decompress his brain.

    Amanda: [whispers] Come here. No, really, come here. Come here.

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: No.

    Amanda: [whispers] Let me ask you something.

    [grabs Lynn by the hair]

    Amanda: Did I bring John to you? Or did I bring your self-centered ass to him?


    Amanda: Now you better start fucking paying attention. No one's going to any hospital.

    [forcibly lets Lynn go]

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: I can't perform miracles. You're giving him painkillers - for a tumor like this he needs steroids, prednisones.

    Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh, good, yeah.


    Amanda: Maybe we could try some corticosteroids, you know, like dexamethasone. Why don't you fucking tell me something that I don't know! Stupid cunt!

  • Amanda: Are you gonna behave?

  • [first lines]

    Amanda: Game over.

    Eric Matthews: I'll fucking kill you! You fucking bitch! You fucking bitch! I'll fucking kill you!

    [screams hopelessly]

  • Dr. Lynn Denlon: Who are you? Who are you? WHAT IS THIS? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    Amanda: [casually threatens Lynn with a knife] Are you gonna behave?

  • Amanda: Yeah, that's right. I'm a murderer.

  • Amanda: So, do you have everything you need?

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: I have the instruments to cut someone open. I don't have the tools to save a life.

    Amanda: [Amanda looks down at the Jawsplitter] You'd be surprised what tools can save a life.

    [Amanda picks up the Jawsplitter]

  • Jigsaw: I have tried to help you, Amanda.

    Amanda: Then help me! Fix me! Fix me motherfucker! I'm standing right here!

  • Amanda: Right fucking here!

  • Amanda: She doesn't deserve to go free!

  • Amanda: Eric Matthews? I'll tell you about Eric Matthews. Eric Matthews learned *nothing* from your test.

  • Dr. Lynn Denlon: You're asking me to do the impossible.

    Amanda: I'm not asking you.

    [referring to Jigsaw]

    Amanda: He is.

  • Jigsaw: You will give everything to me. Every cell in your body. Is that understood?

    Amanda: Yes.

    Jigsaw: The marks on your arms, they're from another life. We'll leave that life behind. When you walk down that corridor there is no turning back. Do you understand that?

    Amanda: [reluctantly] Yes.

    Jigsaw: Then start with this.

    [hands Amanda an envelope]

  • Amanda: He's completed the third test.

    Jigsaw: Congratulations Lynn, you're free to go.

    Amanda: Yeah, but he's not all the way out yet.

    [shakes her head]

    Jigsaw: Undo her collar, Amanda, and let her go.

    Amanda: No, he's not finished. He's not all the way.

    Jigsaw: Amanda, Lynn is more important than you know. Unlock her collar and let her go.

    Amanda: [whispering] I said no.

    [caulks a handgun]

    Jigsaw: Amanda, there are rules.

    Amanda: [yelling] I said no!

  • Amanda: He made it through the second test. The judge is alive.

    Jigsaw: Faster than I expected.

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: [before the surgery] Alright, John, I need you to keep your head to the side and keep still. What's going on here is your brain is pushing against your skull. I'm going to try and relieve the pressure by cutting away a little bit of your skull. It should help you with your headaches and drastically improve your motor skills. Do you understand?

    Jigsaw: All too well.

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: [injecting medicine] You're going to feel some slight discomfort.

    Amanda: Are you going to give him a general anesthetic?

    Dr. Lynn Denlon: For a procedure like this the patient needs to be fully alert.

  • Jonas: How do you know all this?

    Amanda: Because I've played before.

  • Amanda: We have to play by the fucking rules!

  • Amanda: By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal.

  • Amanda: What is the cure for Cancer, Eric? The cure for death itself. The answer is immortality. By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal. So now we find the tables are turned. It is I who will carry on John's work after he dies, and you are my first test subject. Now you are locked away, helpless and alone.

    [Appears at door frame]

    Amanda: Game Over.

    [She slams to door shut]

    Eric Matthews: [Screaming at Amanda] Daniel! Daniel! You Fucking Bitch! I'll Fucking kill you! You Fucking Bitch!... You Fucking Bitch! I'll fucking kill you! Noooooooo, Nooooooo! Help! Nooooo...

  • Amanda: Game over.

  • Amanda: What is the cure for Cancer, Eric? The cure for death itself. The answer is immortality. By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal. So now we find the tables are turned. It is I who will carry on John's work after he dies, and you are my first test subject. Now you are locked away, helpless and alone.

    Amanda: [appears at the door frame] Game over.

    [slams door shut]

  • Daniel: My Dad's a... he's a real hard ass. You know, he's probably got half the city out looking for me, just so he can kick my ass for disappearing on him.

    Amanda: ...yeah, probably.

  • Amanda: If it's stuck, it's a trap.

    Xavier: Lady, this whole house is a trap.

  • Amanda: The note said not to use the key...!

  • Daniel: Amanda, you said you survived this right?

    Amanda: I what?

    Daniel: This guy. You said that you've played before and you survived.

    Amanda: Yeah.

    Daniel: So that means we could survive.

    [nervously chuckles]

    Amanda: [pauses] Yeah.

  • Daniel: Amanda, why did he pick you?

    Amanda: Because I was a fucking junkie.

    [flashes to Amanda shooting heroin]

    Amanda: But you know what? I passed his little test


    Daniel: If you passed his test then why are you back here?

    Amanda: [flashes to Amanda cutting her wrist] I wasn't being very good to myself.

    Daniel: [looks at the scars on Amanda's arm] How long have you, um...?

    Amanda: I started in jail.

    Daniel: What were you arrested for?

    Amanda: [yanks her arm away] Possession.

    Daniel: I thought you said...

    Amanda: Maybe you should talk to the cop who arrested me.

  • Laura: X marks the spot.

    [points to the wall]

    Amanda: What?

    Addison: [looking at a picture of Daniel next to Eric] What are you doing with him?

    Daniel: You know him?

    Addison: Yeah! He's the guy who put me away. He set me up!

    Amanda: Tell me that's not your father.

    Addison: [pause] I can't trust any of you.

  • Amanda: [referring to Daniel] He's gone.

    Xavier: Doesn't matter. All I want is the number on the back of his neck and then yours.

    Amanda: You still don't know your own number. How are you going to get it if I don't tell you?

  • Amanda: [to Corbett] Remember.


    Amanda: Remember, don't trust the one who saves you.

  • [flashback]

    Jigsaw: Methadone's a masking agent; it doesn't heal, it simple nulls the senses. I found a better way. These people, they will continue to hurt you, and let you down.

    Jill: They're addicts John. Recovery is a process.

    Jigsaw: Maybe addiction's just part of human nature. But what about these people, Jill, who come here every day and use you? They bide their time. They're avoiding prison sentence. They're getting hooked on masking agents. Do you call that recovery?

    Jill: It's not that simple.

    Jigsaw: Addiction is not simple, Jill! Wake up! These people have no respect for the lives they're destroying. Once you see death up close... then you know what the value of life is. And that's my way. And I brought proof that it works.

    Jill: Amanda?

    Amanda: Hello Jill.

    Jigsaw: Jill, you once told me she was a lost soul. But here she stands. She's clean and whole. And she has new appreciation for her life.

    Amanda: It works. It's real. He helped me.

    [back to present]

    Jill: Okay, John.


  • Amanda: Get used to me because I'm not going anywhere.

    Mark Hoffman: You sure about that?

  • Amanda: So when's your test, Detective?

    Mark Hoffman: I don't need one.

    Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh yeah?

  • Amanda: [Pressuring Cecil to break into the clinic] Go, go!

    Cecil: I don't know about this.

    Amanda: What do you mean you don't know about this?

    Cecil: She's been good to us.

    Amanda: [Leans seductively toward Cecil and starts crying] I've been good to you.

    Cecil: I know, I know.

    Amanda: Please go!

    Cecil: [Pulls Amanda close to him] You drive me crazy!

    Amanda: Go, you fucking pussy. Go, go go!

  • Trevor Eastman: I've brought my own special birthday candle...

    [shows joint]

    Trevor Eastman: ... It's drugs!

    Julie Miller: Oh! My favorite.

    Amanda: ...Light it up!

  • Jeff: Let's see if you've learnt your lesson!

    Amanda: Let's make sure. Tomorrow use the new belt I bought for you!

  • Amanda: Katherine! Call 911! There's a man under my bed!

    Katherine: You have got to be kidding me.

    [goes into the bedroom, looks under the bed and finds the dog dead]

  • Katherine: [startling Amanda] Hey, I've been looking all over for you. Is everything okay?

    Amanda: I was fine until you scared the shit out of me!

  • Amanda: Is it dead?

    Preston Rogers: God, I hope so. Let's not hang around and find out, though.

  • Preston Rogers: I think it cut the power.

    Amanda: How?

    Preston Rogers: I have no fucking idea.

    Amanda: I thought you said it wasn't smart.

    Preston Rogers: Well, it's not supposed to be. I just never heard of a creature like this.

  • Preston Rogers: What's your name?

    Amanda: Amanda.

    Preston Rogers: Well, Amanda, I'm Preston, and I need your help.

  • Preston Rogers: Look, I need to tell you something. I wasn't always in this wheelchair. About six months ago, my... wife and I went climbing on Suicide Rock. It was a routine climb, we'd done it a dozen times. Only this time was different. This time the cable that was supporting us snapped, and my wife fell about a thousand feet to her death. I hit the face of the rock and I... got a lucky bounce and I landed on a narrow precipice. Took 'em about four hours to airlift me out of there. I didn't wanna be alive anymore. I couldn't understand why I had lived and she had died, and other than that... time, that moment, when that cable snapped and I was falling through all of that empty space, tonight is the scariest night of my life.I'm scared to death right now.

    Amanda: Me too.

    Preston Rogers: I mean, that means that we're alive. That means that we wanna live. I was given a gift that day. And I don't know why. I mean, it was a miracle that I lived. And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that I don't waste that gift.

  • Amanda: Preston, for what it's worth, thank you for saving my life.

    Preston Rogers: Well, I just didn't want you thinking I was some sort of peeping tom.

  • Coleman Buckmaster: They're just gonna keep cranking out that same kind of garbage. Right now the idea is to have me produce fast-buck bubblegum shit. Then when they think the drug supplies are loosening up, then they tell me to produce some music for kids to freak out by.

    Amanda: You mean, like instant social remedies from the same wonderful people who gave us decadence?

    Coleman Buckmaster: Hmmm. I kinda like that.

  • Amanda: I think very few people are completely normal really, deep down in their private lives. It all depends on a combination of circumstances. If all the various cosmic thingummys fuse at the same moment, and the right spark is struck, there's no knowing what one mightn't do. That was the trouble with Elyot and me, we were like two violent acids bubbling about in a nasty little matrimonial bottle.

  • Amanda: [continuing to talk about travelling] Then the most thrilling thing of all - arriving at strange places, seeing strange people, and eating strange food.

    Elyot: Yes, and making strange noises afterward.

    [Said when Amanda is drinking coffee, she laughs and then starts choking]

  • Amanda: I was brought up to believe it was beyond the pale for a man to strike a woman.

    Elyot: A very poor tradition. Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.

  • Elyot Chase: You're looking very lovely in this infernal moonlight, Amanda. Your skin is clear and cool. And your eyes are shining and you're growing lovelier and lovelier every second as I look at you. You don't hold any mystery for me darling; do you mind? There isn't a particle of you that I don't know, remember - and want.

    Amanda: I'm glad, my sweet.

    Elyot Chase: More than any desire in the world, deep down in my deepest heart, I want you back again. Please.

    Amanda: Don't say any more. You're making me cry, so dreadfully.


  • Amanda: Have you known her long?

    Elyot: About four months, we met in a house party in Norfolk.

    Amanda: Very flat, Norfolk.

  • Amanda: Extraordinary how potent cheap music is.

  • Elyot: What are you doing here?

    Amanda: I'm on my honeymoon.

    Elyot: How interesting. So am I.

    Amanda: I hope you're enjoying it?

    Elyot: It hasn't started yet.

    Amanda: Neither has mine.

  • Amanda: [as Elyot opens his cigarette case] Give me one for the love of heaven!

  • Elyot Chase: Do you want a cocktail? There are two here.

    Amanda: There are two here too.

    Elyot Chase: Shall we have my two first?

    [handing her a glass]

    Amanda: Shall we get roaring, screaming drunk?

    Elyot Chase: I don't know. We tried it once before and it was a dismal failure.

    Amanda: It was lovely at the beginning.

    Elyot Chase: You have an immoral memory, Amanda. Here's to you.

  • Victor Prynne: You've never had a sister, dead or alive, have you?

    Amanda: I believe there was a still-born one in 1902.

  • Victor Prynne: It's no use feeling sorry for yourself.

    Amanda: I seem to be the only one who does, I might as well enjoy it.

  • Victor Prynne: Did he see you?

    Amanda: No, he was running.

    Victor Prynne: What was he running for?

    Amanda: How do I know! Stop being so damned annoying!

  • Victor Prynne: Where did you see him?

    Amanda: Downstairs, in a white suit.

    Amanda: White suit?

    Victor Prynne: Why not? It's summer isn't it?

  • Victor Prynne: He struck you once didn't he?

    Amanda: Oh, more than once.

    Victor Prynne: Where?

    Amanda: Several places.

    Victor Prynne: What a cad!

    Amanda: Ha-ha. I struck him too. Once I broke four gramophone records over his head. It was very satisfying.

  • Amanda: [singing] I'll leave you never, Love you forever, All of my sorrow redeeming. Make it all come true, Make me love you too, Someday I'll find you - again.

  • Amanda: I'm sorry too. It's just rotten luck.

  • Elyot: What exactly were you remembering at that moment?

    Amanda: The Palace Hotel skating rink in the morning. Bright, strong sunlight and everybody whirling around in vivid colors. Then, you leaning down to put on my skates for me.

    Elyot: You'd fallen down a few moments before.

    Amanda: Oh, it was horrid of you to laugh at me. I felt so humiliated.

    Elyot: Poor darling.

    Amanda: Do you remember waking up in the morning and standing on the balcony, looking out across the valley?

    Elyot: Blue shadows on white snow. Cleanness, beyond belief. High above everything in the world. How beautiful it was.

    Amanda: Yes. Nice to think we had a few marvelous moments, isn't it?

    Elyot: A few? Why we had heaps, really! Only they slipped into the background and all we remember is the bad ones.

    Amanda: What fools we were to ruin it all! What utter, utter fools!

  • Elyot: We were quite ridiculously - over in love.

    Amanda: To the devil with love!

    Elyot: To the devil with love.

  • Amanda: What have you been doing lately?

    Elyot: Traveling about - I went around the world, you know.

    Amanda: Yes, I know. How was it?

    Elyot: The world?

    Amanda: Yes.

    Elyot: Highly enjoyable.

    Amanda: China must be very interesting?

    Elyot: Very big, China.

    Amanda: And Japan?

    Elyot: Very small.

    Amanda: And did you eat shark's fins and take off your shoes and use chopsticks and everything?

    Elyot: Practically everything...

  • Elyot: You know, I believe you're even more ruthless than I am.

    Amanda: [Sleepily] Well, I don't believe in crying over my bridge until I've eaten it.

    Elyot: Very sensible.

  • Amanda: Solomon Isaacs!

  • Amanda: Well, we've certainly had a high ole time.

    Elyot: Cherry, please.

    Amanda: Pig!

  • Elyot: Well, we never really discovered what delightful people we were, until after we lost each other.

    Amanda: We are rather nice, aren't we.

  • Amanda: Poor, dear Victor. He certainly did love me!

    Elyot: [Sarcastically] Splendid.

    Amanda: When I met him, I was so lonely and depressed. I felt I was getting old and crumbling away, unwanted.

    Elyot: It certainly is horrid when one begins to crumble.

    Amanda: He used to look at me hopelessly, like a lovely spaniel. I sort of melted like snow in the sunlight.

    Elyot: That must have been an edifying spectacle!

  • Elyot: I was madly in love with a woman of South Africa.

    Amanda: Did she have ring through her nose?

    Elyot: Don't be revolting!

  • Elyot: I broke my heart on that trip around the world. I saw such lovely things, darling. Moonlight shining on old temples. Strange barbaric dances in jungle villages. Scarlet flamingoes flying over deep, deep blue water. Breathlessly lovely. And somehow completely unexciting, because you weren't there to see them with me.

    Amanda: Oh, take me now. Take me at once and let's make up for lost time.

  • Amanda: No, Elyot. Stop, now. Ha-ha. Stop, darling, please. Stop. Ha-ha.

    Elyot: Why should I stop? You know you adore being made love to.

    Amanda: I know, but, it's - too soon after dinner.

  • Amanda: Making all this fuss because your silly vanity is a little upset.

    Elyot: Vanity, vanity! What on earth do you mean, vanity?

    Amanda: You simply don't realize there are certain moments when our cosmic thingummys don't fuse properly.

    Elyot: Ha! Cosmic thingummy! Would you please, please try and be a little bit more explicit!

    Amanda: You know perfectly well what I mean!

  • Amanda: Sollochs!

  • Elyot: Delightful parties Lady Bungle always gives, doesn't she?

    Amanda: Oh, entrancing! Such a dear old lady.

    Elyot: And so gay!

  • Amanda: Oh, you insufferable pig!

    Elyot: Darling, Sollochs! Sollochs!

    Amanda: Sollochs, yourself!

    Elyot: You spiteful little beast!

  • Amanda: Ah, I do love Switzerland! Don't you? So sweet and clean. And all those mountains so white and high. And the dear cows with their little bells.

    Elyot: Yes, dear, we know.

    Amanda: It's so heavenly being so high up. Won't you sit down?

  • Amanda: You are an unmitigated cad and a bully!

    Elyot: And you are an ill-mannered and bad-tempered slattern!

    Amanda: Slattern indeed!

    Elyot: Yes, slattern and fishwife!

  • Amanda: We're all going to a party at the Château - with the officers!

    Aunt Marie: It's good for young people to be gay!

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