Alvin Mack Quotes in The Program (1993)


Alvin Mack Quotes:

  • Alvin Mack: Let's open up a can of kick ass and kill 'em all, let the paramedics sort 'em out.

  • Alvin Mack: Hey Bud is it true, Joe's out four fuckin' games?

    Bud-Lite Kaminski: Yea.

    Alvin Mack: Shit, defense is gonna have to pitch shut-outs now...

    [to Lattimer]

    Alvin Mack: And you're gone for three? What the hell did you take that shit for?

    Steve Lattimer: Nobody seemed to mind when I was laying people out!

    Alvin Mack: Sh*t, I bust chops too, you don't see me all fu**ed up!

    Steve Lattimer: Not everybody has your ability Alvin, you do what you do to play!

    Alvin Mack: Well you ain't playin much now are ya?

  • Alvin Mack: Hey 23, don't think I don't recognize you, you poo-butt motherfucker! Hey pay attention when I'm talking to you, nigga!

    Mississippi Tailback: What?

    Alvin Mack: You're the guy who shot my mother aren't you?

    Mississippi Tailback: Shut up man, you know I never knew your mother.

    Alvin Mack: You were trying to steal her car, you cocksucker. You didn't think I was going to find you nigga, but I got you now, nigga. I'm gonna bust your gut open and watch you die!

  • Alvin Mack: All you need to know is how to sign an NFL contract... period.

    Darnell Jefferson: I know man but I promised the Rev. I'd get a degree, I don't wanna let him down.

    Alvin Mack: Whatchu think nigga... you gonna be on the supreme court?

  • Coach Winters: Alright, this is Mississippi State's offensive set. Second and two on our own 24, what defensive set might we call?

    Alvin Mack: Eagle Zipper Hero, unless the setback shifts into the I.

    Coach Winters: Good

    [clicks to next slide]

    Coach Winters: , third and seven?

    Alvin Mack: Oakie Thunder Lion.

    Coach Winters: What's your assignment?

    Alvin Mack: Kill the quarterback.

    Coach Winters: [clicks to next slide]

    Alvin Mack: Hit the tight end so hard his girlfriend dies.

    Coach Winters: [clicks to next slide]

    Alvin Mack: Kill everybody.

  • Alvin's Tutor: Which two city-states fought in the Punic Wars?

    Alvin Mack: I dunno, Detroit and Buffalo?

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