Alibi Terhune Quotes in Arizona Stage Coach (1942)


Alibi Terhune Quotes:

  • Elmer, Alibi's dummy: Alibi, come here.

    Alibi Terhune: What's bothering you, Elmer?

    Elmer, Alibi's dummy: Who's going to take that money to the stage office?

    Alibi Terhune: Well, I am, I reckon.

    Elmer, Alibi's dummy: That's what I was afraid of. You better take me along to protect you.

  • 'Dusty' KIng: Why did you change your handle from Lullaby to Alibi?

    'Alibi' Terhune: Aw... prepraredness, Dusty. You see, Elmer here gets me into so many stampeded, heck, I have to do something to fall back on, so I use Alibi.

  • Carol Thorp: [offering to cook some food] Are you hungry?

    'Alibi' Terhune: No, that bullet must have took away my appetite!

  • Elmer, Alibi's Dummy: What's the matter, Alibi?

    'Alibi' Terhune: Oh, Elmer, I'm worried! I can't make head or tails of this set-up!

    Elmer, Alibi's Dummy: You wouldn't know one end from the other anyhow.

    'Alibi' Terhune: Aw, listen, you oughtn't to talk like that. Haven't you no respect for age?

    Elmer, Alibi's Dummy: Only when it comes in bottles.

  • 'Alibi' Terhune: Has Dave said any more about enlistin'?

    'Dusty' King: No, but I look for him to the first time he gets to town.

    'Alibi' Terhune: Yeah, and I reckon you won't be far behind him.

    'Dusty' King: You aren't a-kiddin'. You know how I felt ever since the Maine was sunk.

  • [while heading for their long-overdue vacation, the Range Busters pursue and capture a murderous outlaw]

    'Alibi' Terhune: First it's bank robbers and now it's bushwhackers. Ain't we ever gonna finish our vacation?

  • [Elmer, Alibi's ventriloquist dummy, is reading minds]

    Elmer, Alibi's dummy: Quiet! I got to concentrate here. You're thinkin' about somebody that's dead. Somebody named R... O... Roberts!

    Henchman Chuck: So what? Reno Red and Roberts are all the same guy.

    'Alibi' Terhune: Is that right? Do you know somebody named Roberts?

    Rance Austin: I used to. Go ahead... Tell me what I'm thinkin' about.

    Elmer, Alibi's dummy: I can't get it clear. No, I lost it... No, I get it. You're thinking about his money!

    Rance Austin: That dummy's too smart!

  • Alibi Terhune: Did you hear something?

    Dusty King: Not a thing.

    Alibi Terhune: Well, I thought I did. Anyhow I don't like it Take a look down that street.

    Crash Corrigan: What's the matter with it?

    Alibi Terhune: It gives me the creeps. I ain't scared of anything that lives and breathes, but when it comes to a place like this, you can count me out. I don't aim to get my hair full of spooks

  • Alibi Terhune: How do you spell phantom, Elmer?

    Elmer, Alibi's Dummy: Don't ask me. Uh, I'm as ignorant as I look.

    Alibi Terhune: Nobody could be that ignorant.

  • Alibi Terhune: [to Alibi] You can't get away with this. We'll sling you up alomg with them.

    Henchman Chuck: Brother, you hombres may be high strung, but to me you buzzards'll look better if you're strung high. Now line up in a mice straight line there.

  • 'Alibi' Terhune: This is the sheriff, and he's tryin' to track down some bad men.

    Elmer Sneezeweed - Alibi's Dummy: [sarcastically] Bet he couldm't track an elephant in three feet of snow.

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