Ali Mills Quotes in The Karate Kid (1984)


Ali Mills Quotes:

  • Daniel: What's the matter? The truth hurt?

    Ali Mills: So you really think that's it?

    Daniel: I know it is.

    Ali Mills: Yeah well, you're wrong.

    Daniel: Oh, you bet I'm wrong.

    Ali Mills: You know Daniel, I didn't go out with you because of a car or where you live.

    Daniel: Okay, since we're on the subject, why did you?


    Daniel: Huh? Why did you?

    Ali Mills: I thought maybe you and me we're different.

    Daniel: Oh yeah, I'm from Reseda, you're from the hills, that's how we're different.

    Ali Mills: Oh, shut up.

    Daniel: Admit that you just can't handle the situation the way it is.

    Ali Mills: You know I can handle it fine. But you can't.


    Susan: What makes you so sensitive? She's never been anything but nice to you.

    Daniel: Yeah she even used to me to make what's-his-name jealous.

    Susan: She doesn't even like what's-his-name!

    Daniel: Yeah I couldn't really tell, by the way their faces we're stuck together at that country club.

    Susan: Oh, that's right. You didn't stick around for the um... exciting conclusion.

    Daniel: Oh what was that? His hand on her ass?

    Susan: Her right hook, you think she sprained her wrists doing her nails?

    Daniel: She hit him?

    Susan: An understatement.

    Daniel: I don't get it, why didn't she say something?

    Susan: She shouldn't have to? Should she?

    [walks away]

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