Ali Quotes in The Karate Kid (1984)


Ali Quotes:

  • [Daniel, Miyagi and Ali are trying to get onto the tournament floor together]

    Official: Hold it!

    Official: [to Ali] Sorry, teachers and students only.

    Daniel: Oh, well, uh... he doesn't speak English and, uh, I can't understand his instructions without her. She's his, uh, translator.

    Miyagi: [says something in Japanese]

    Official: What did he say?

    Ali: He says that, uh, you remind him of an uncle he has back in Tokyo.

    Official: [smiles] I guess it's okay.

    Miyagi: [says something in Japanese]

    Official: What?

    Ali: He says you're very kind.

    Official: Thank you.

    Miyagi: Welcome.

  • Daniel: Hey, you got a name?

    Ali: Ali... with an I. Hey, what's your name?

    Daniel: Daniel... with an L.

  • Daniel: [seeing the giant water slide at the amusement area] Whoa, look at that slide.

    Ali: Oh yeah, we'll do that next time.

    Daniel: Why next time?

    Ali: Because we didn't bring a bathing suit!

  • [first lines]

    Al-Saleem: Ali.

    Ali: Yeah.

    Al-Saleem: As we destroyed the bus in Sheffield last week, we will be ready and prepared for the operation in Britain. We avenge the American wars on the Muslim world.

  • Gaunt Sailor: Does he expect to sound here, past the very edge of land?

    Ali: Perhaps hungry has crazed his mind. His own belly is as empty as ours.

    Gaunt Sailor: If there was land, it would be such as no man would dare set foot upon.

    Ali: Sinbad would. He dares anything.

  • African Sailor: What can it be?

    Ali: Perhaps a sunken reef.

    Gaunt Sailor: Or a sea serpent. Or something worse.

    Harufa: Full fathom five!

    African Sailor: [prayerfully] Oh, let it be land.

  • Ali: [explaining the battle zone in Beirut] Hamas, Amal, Al Shouhada, Hezbolla...

    Ali: [a jet streaks by, and he points up at it] Israel.

  • Murat: Begin to your famous whistle which no women can resist.

    Ali: [Whistles]

    Murat: You whistle it wrong

    Ali: Why?

    Murat: Skeletons came instead of woman

  • Ali: It doesn't seem it will finish, they are still coming, let's go over them.

    Murat: That's what suit us, we must go beyond the space speed, be ready to welcome arrivers.

    Ali: These are too ugly, it would be better if some girls come with mini skirts.

  • Ali: Man, I'm so hungry!

    Little Boy: The lunch is ready. My sister has prepared.

    Ali: What's on the menu?

    Little Boy: Fried insects, and boiled snake.

    Ali: Yuck! I won't eat that!

    Murat: Come on man! If you don't eat, your handsome looks will deteriorate.

  • Ali: Do you think you are the man who saves the world?

    Murat: As much as you think you are a womanizer.

  • Police Inspector: He is right next to me. If I kill him, how much will you give?

    Ali: Have you ever seen anybody give you 1 crore?

    Police Inspector: No

    Ali: I'll give you 5 crores. Kill him!

  • Ali: We have to kill a minister. Will you kill him?

    Pandu: Yes, I'll kill him.

    Ali: On 17th, he's attending a school function. You must blow him up with a bomb.

    Pandu: What about the children?

    Ali: What children?

    Pandu: If the school children die?

    Ali: Let them die, that's my concept.

    Pandu: I'll kill the Minister but I'll won't accept children getting killed in it.

    Ali: Why?

    Pandu: There should be bo harm to children and women: That's my concept.

  • Ali: How is Britain justified in holding India?

    Dr. Aziz H. Ahmed: Unfair political question!

    Richard Fielding: No, no! Well, personally, I'm here because I need a job.

    Ali: Qualified Indians also need jobs!

    Richard Fielding: I got here first.


    Richard Fielding: Well, I like it here and that's my excuse.

    Advocate Hamidullah: And those Englishmen who do not like it here?

    Richard Fielding: Chuck 'em out.


    Ali: Indians are also saying that.

  • Das: [Ali is carrying on during the trial] Please, this is no way to defend your case!

    Ali: I am not defending a case - and YOU are not trying one! We are both slaves!

    Das: Mr. Mahmoud Ali, if you don't calm down, I will have to exercise my authority.

    Ali: Do so! This trial is a farce!

    [throws papers off the desk]

    Ali: I'm going! I've ruined my career!

    [to Aziz]

    Ali: Farewell my friend!

    Ali: Mrs. Moore! Where are you, Mrs. Moore?

  • Prince Auda: Peace be with you, brother.

    Ali: And leprosy on you, brother. I thought I told you to take it easy.

  • Ali: Always a pleasure to see you, Your Highness. Or should I say "Father"?

    Sultan Amar: Why do you always have to mock everything?

    Ali: It's easier.

    Sultan Amar: Easier?

    Ali: Than to discuss our true feelings.

    Sultan Amar: And what are your true feelings?

    Ali: I am sorry that I cannot be more as you would like me to be.

  • [last lines]

    Ali: Clear the area! Move!

  • Wendy: Why won't you let him run?

    Warren: Hey he's too old and his bike's too old.

    Ali: Well I hear he's come halfway around the world to ride that cycle.

    Wendy: Yeah, c'mon.

    Warren: Wendy, if he was to kill himself.

    Wendy: So! It's his life.

  • Donna: You sound like you're having fun already.

    Lisa: Oh, we are.

    Donna: [nostalgically] I used to have fun.

    Ali: Oh, we *know*!

    [Donna looks puzzled]

  • Sophie: I want the perfect wedding, and I want my father to give me away.

    Ali: Better be a wide aisle!

  • Sophie: I'm so glad you're here because... I have a secret, and I can't tell anybody else.

    Ali: Sophie! You're knocked up?

    Sophie: No! no! no! Um... I've invited my dad to my wedding.

    Lisa: You are joking!

    Ali: You found him at last?

    Sophie: No! No, no, no, no, no. Not exactly.

  • Marcus: I used to want Will to marry my mom.

    Ali: You serious?

    Marcus: Yeah, but that was when she was depressed and I was desperate.

    Will: Thanks, mate.

  • Marcus: Oh, don't worry, I think your mum is keen on him.

    Ali: [shouting] She's not keen on him! She's only keen on me!

  • Rachel: Ali has trouble meeting new people. You see, the last guy I went out with, well, he wasn't all good news.

    Ali: [loudly] He was a liar!

    Rachel: All right Ali.

  • Ali: If your dad goes out with my mum, you're gonna be dead, really dead.

    Marcus: I don't think it's really up to me, now is it?

    Ali: Well it better be... or you're gonna die.

  • [looking up at painting on a wall]

    James: Now, look at the picture! Look at the picture! Who does this picture remind you of?

    JamesAli: Laquisha Jenkins!

    Ali: UGGH... THAT'S NASTY!

  • Ali: Nisi, I don't know if you want to stay here, or go home. All I know is that I've had one dream and one dream only since high school. And that's... that's to be with you.

  • Nasrin: [Talking about Shirin] She was the only freshman in high school who could swim in the varsity team. And she didn't even take lessons.

    Ali: Wow! That's a real resumé builder right there.

  • Ali: Come on! I mean, it's totally impossible for a turkey to kill a human, right?

    Darren: [laughs] Oh... there are ways.

  • Reggie: Marco... good news! The cops found the car and your girlfriend... the BITCH is in JAIL!

    Javier: Are you going to visit her in Jail, Marco?

    Marco: Fuck off!

    JJ: Maybe you can get laid again

    Lance: Make sure you get a woman's jail.

    Bobby: Why? He could get laid in a men's jail too right?

    Reggie: Where's Sean? I'm going to kill that Irish fuck

    Mohammed: How did they find the car?

    Reggie: Oh this is a good one... She a degenerate gambler drove the car to Vegas... guess what... THE BITCH WON! Ever come to my meetings on time asshole1

    Sean: I got a note from my doctor

    Reggie: Removed MOTH from right ear! You had a bug living in your head?

    Sean: It crawled in there... what's I supposed to do?

    Reggie: Go sit next to Marco... He's my NEW genius. Okay, we have to pick up the pace.You guys should be doing a lot better... You're letting too many customers walk. I want to hear some of their excuses. Try and STUMP me... I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING. COME ON!

    Javier: "I'm just looking"

    Reggie: I'm just selling. Can't really look at a car unless you drive it. NEXT.

    Ali: "I think I can get a better deal somewhere else"

    Reggie: Sir, we all pay the same for cars, nobody can give you a better deal for the cars. COME inside and I'LL SHOW YOU.

    Bobby: "This is the first place I've been to"

    Reggie: Then You're lucky you came to the best place first!

    JJ: "I have to see what kind of Interest rate my credit union can give me"

    Reggie: We have a book that lists all the credit unions. I can tell you what your rate and payments will be. COME ON GIVE ME A TOUGH ONE!

    Sean: "I have to check with my wife"

    Reggie: What's the phone number, we'll call her right now.

    Bobby: "I have to look a couple other cars first"

    Reggie: Why? Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, Triple AAA... they've looked all the cars for you and they say THIS ONE'S THE BEST!

  • Ali: I want to look at a Ford

    Reggie: Ok. Sir, come on and drag the fucking with you. where we going? To the Ford dealer down the street, asshole. COME ON. We'll compare them SIDE BY SIDE!

    Mohammed: I don't have a good credit

    Reggie: We can finance anybody

    JJ: I just declared bankruptcy two weeks ago.

    Reggie: Then what the FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE! Okay, you get the idea. Let's sell some metal... I want CREDIT APPS. I want FULL WRITE UPS. I want COMITTMENTS! I'm buying lunch for the guy with the first deal. LET'S GO!

    JJ: Let's kick some ass baby!

  • Ali: Eventually the Arab states will rise against Israel. They don't like Palestinians, but they hate the Jews more. It won't be like 1967. The rest of the world will see by then what the Israelis do to us. They won't help when Egypt and Syria attack. Even Jordan. Israel will cease to exist. What?

    Avner: This is a dream. You can't take back a country you never had.

    Ali: You sound like a Jew.

    Avner: Fuck you. I'm the voice inside your head telling you what you already know. You people have nothing to bargain with. You'll never get the land back. You'll die old men in refugee camps waiting for Palestine.

    Ali: We have a lot of children. They'll have children. So we can wait forever. And if we need to, we can make the whole planet unsafe for Jews.

    Avner: You kill Jews and the world feels bad for them... and thinks you animals.

    Ali: Yes. But then the world will see how they've made us into animals. They'll start to ask questions about the conditions in our cages.

    Avner: You are Arabs. There are lots of places for Arabs.

    Ali: You're a Jew sympathizer. All you Germans, you're too soft on Israel. Well, you give us money, but you feel guilty about Hitler. And the Jews exploit that guilt. My father didn't gas any Jews.

    Avner: Tell me something, Ali.

    Ali: What?

    Avner: Do you really miss your father's olive trees? Do you honestly think you have to get back all that... that nothing? that chalky soil and stone huts? Is that what you really want for your children?

    Ali: It absolutely is. It will take a hundred years, but we'll win. How long did it take the Jews to get their own country? How long did it take the Germans to make Germany?

    Avner: And look how well that worked out.

    Ali: You don't know what it is not to have a home. That's why you European Reds don't get it. you say, "It's nothing," but you have a home to come back to. ETA, ANC, IRA... we all pretend we care about your international revolution... but we don't care. We want to be nations. Home is everything.

  • Ali: We all know Bobby here a man. He a man, so nobody punking nobody here. Am I right, Buddha? Buddha, do you, or do you not recognize this is a man standing here?

  • Ali: Are you a deuce?

    Bobby: No, I am not.

    Ali: Can you stand alone like a man has to?

    Bobby: Yes.

  • Bobby: Oh, now you going to preach to me, right?

    Ali: [Slams elbow against wall] . Yeah, I'm going to preach... and you going to listen!

  • Bobby: I owe everybody in this joint, and all I did was help my homeboy Loco.

    Ali: Helping is costly.

  • CollinsMarkRogerAngelAliPaulStevePam: [sung] Will I lose my dignity? Will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow, from this nightmare?

  • Ali: I haven't heard about this movie.

    Cole: Well, it's probably banned where you're from, anyway.

    Ali: You mean in Germany?

  • Ali: How is it that the ultimate prize in the most macho sport ever invented is a piece of jewelry?

  • Sonny Weaver Jr.: [on the phone with his mother] You're on Twitter?

    Barb Weaver: You're not?

    Coach Penn: [enters with flaming papers in his hand] I'm sorry, Sonny, is this a bad time?

    Sonny Weaver Jr.: I gotta go, Mom!

    [hangs up]

    Coach Penn: This is the draft analysis we've all been working on for the last two weeks...

    [throws the burning pages onto the desk]

    Rick the Intern: [background] Fire! Ali, fire! ALI, FIRE!

    Ali: I'm coming!

    [enters with a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire]

    Ali: Can I get you gentlemen some coffee?

    Sonny Weaver Jr.: Love some.

    Coach Penn: Light and sweet, honey, thanks.

    Ali: Yeah, I'm not getting you idiots anything.

    [walks out]

    Coach Penn: I like her.

  • Ali: [advising Sonny] There's no such thing as a sure thing. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what you think.

  • Sonny Weaver Jr.: Can we talk football? Just football for thirty seconds?

    Ali: We can always talk football.

  • Yasmin: They're in love.

    Ali: Who?

    Yasmin: Sonny and Cher.


    Yasmin: Leyla and Tala.

  • Ali: She's what's getting you through?

    Jake Huard: Well, she's what got me here. But she's not the one who's getting me through.

  • Ali: Any plans before you summer cruise?

    Jake Huard: Uh, yeah. I think I might go over to Sir Frankie's and see if there are any escorts around.

    Ali: Really?

    Jake Huard: Yeah.

    Ali: Save your money.

  • Girl in bar: Well... are you coming?

    Ali: No.

    Girl in bar: And why not?

    Ali: Cock broken.

  • Emmi Kurowski: We'll be rich, Ali... and we'll buy ourselves a little piece of heaven.

    Ali: Why heaven?

    Emmi Kurowski: Oh, just a fancy of mine.

  • Ali: You're whining again!

    Razieh: Mom refuses to give me money for the goldfish.

    Ali: Don't you like ours?

    Razieh: You call these goldfish, you haven't seen the others. It's as though they're dancing when they move their fins. And they've got so many fins.

    Ali: How much?

    Razieh: The shopkeeper said 100 tomans.

    Ali: 100 tomans! You want to pay 100 tomans for a goldfish. You can watch two films with that money. You're nuts.

  • Ali: Why do you help me?

    Manuela: I don't know... I just... had to do it. I'm your angel, right?

  • Ali: Before, I see you in my dreams. You look out window, think of me. I know you... you are my angel.

  • Ali: Concentrate on life, and life will concentrate on you. That's what Shakespeare said in a play by Moliere.

  • Ali: You son of a bitch! Come back here, you bastards! You ain't getting away with this, goddammit!

  • Ali: [after syphoning Chris' van] Take this to the barn and start pourin', and find Fox.

    Fox: [swinging on a rope at the barn] Wooooh!

    Loco: What the hell you doin'? Get off that thing!

    Fox: [continues swinging] Wooh! This feels gooooood!


    Loco: Ali is gonna be pissed if he sees you screwing around. C'mon, we got shit to do.

    [looks back up and sees that Fox as disappeared]

    Loco: What the hell?

    [enters barn]

    Loco: Fox? Where are ya? Stop screwin' around! You're messin' everything up! You're dead now, woman. Fox?

    [Loco turns around and sees Fox's corpse hanging onto the rafter with a pitchfork. Then Jason approaches Loco with a pitchfork, and impales it in Loco's abdomen]

    Ali: Fox? Loco? Open the damn door! Fox!

    [Ali enters barn]

    Ali: What the hell you guys doin' up there?


    Ali: Hear me talkin' to you?

    [Loco's corpse falls onto Ali]


    [Ali sees Jason jumping off a rafter]

    Ali: [picks up a machete] When I find you, you bastard, you're a dead man!

    [Jason approaches Ali]

    Ali: Shit!

    [Ali swings the machete at Jason's head, but Jason ducks, and bludgeons Ali with a wrench]

  • Ali: [Holds out condom] It's green...

    Michèle: Is it old?

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