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Alfredo Quotes:

  • Brad: The boss?

    Alfredo: Sounds like he's in a hurry.

    Brad: I've known him for ten years, and for ten years he's been in a hurry.

  • Alfredo: Jimmy! You scared me half to death.

    Jimmy: Hey, you don't close for another two hours. Did you do that on purpose?

    Alfredo: Well, I knew that just at that moment you would skate in, loaded with Christmas lights, and I said to myself: "If I close the grates, it would look more spectacular." And it did.

  • Jade: So Mr. Alfredo, you need models?

    Alfredo: Well what the hell have I been saying?

    Roxana: Well what the hell do we look like?

  • Alfredo: Living here day by day, you think it's the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything's changed. The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time... many years... before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.

    Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?

    Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life... is much harder.

  • Alfredo: Get out of here! Go back to Rome. You're young and the world is yours. I'm old. I don't want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talking about you. Don't come back. Don't think about us. Don't look back. Don't write. Don't give in to nostalgia. Forget us all. If you do and you come back, don't come see me. I won't let you in my house. Understand?

    Salvatore: Thank you. For everything you've done for me.

    Alfredo: Whatever you end up doing, love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.

  • Alfredo: Once upon a time, a king gave a feast. And there came the most beautiful princesses of the realm. Now, a soldier, who was standing guard, saw the king's daughter go by. She was the most beautiful one, and he immediately fell in love with her. But what could a poor soldier do when it came to the daughter of the king? Well, finally, one day, he managed to meet her, and he told her that he could no longer live without her. The princess was so impressed by his strong feelings that she said to the soldier: "If you can wait 100 days and 100 nights under my balcony, then at the end of it, I shall be yours." Damn! The soldier immediately went there and waited one day. And two days. And ten. And then twenty. And every evening, the princess looked out of her window, but he never moved. During rain, during wind, during snow, he was always there. The bird shat on his head, and the bees stung him, but he didn't budge. After ninety nights, he had become all dried up, all white, and the tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn't hold them back. He no longer had the strength to sleep. All that time, the princess watched him. And on the 99th night, the soldier stood up, took his chair, and went away.

    Salvatore: [later in the film, Toto gives Alfredo his interpretation] ... In one more night, the princess would have been his. But she also could not possibly have kept her promise. And it would have been terrible. He would have died. This way, however, at least for 99 days, he was living under the illusion that she was there, waiting for him.

  • [to Elena]

    Alfredo: Out of the fire of love come ashes. Even the greatest love eventually fizzles out.

  • Alfredo: And the next time be careful how you talk. Not to take credit away from the Lord, but if I had created the world, in all modesty, certain things would have come out better. But unfortunately such was not the case.

  • Alfredo: [after informed about the arrival of the new non-combustible film] Progress always comes late.

  • Jep Gambardella: What'll you do now?

    Alfredo: What I've always done. I'll live in adoration of her.

  • Alfredo: [after peeping on Michelle in the bathroom] She likes it. She likes it just fine. Just ask her!

    Tex: Why don't you just shut up, stupid.

    Alfredo: You shut the fuck up, motherfucker. This is my place! I'll do whatever I want here in my place!

  • [after throwing body parts in a lake]

    Alfredo: Is it soup yet?

  • Benny: Sshh. This gun makes an awfully loud noise. And an awfully big hole.

    Alfredo: Do I know you?

    Benny: Shut up!

    Alfredo: Look here Mister; I am very scared of guns, so please, do not point that at my face.

    Benny: How many?

    Alfredo: How many what, OJ?

    Benny: How many sick bent-fucks like YOU are there out here?

    Alfredo: Darlin' I only got one thing to say to you; I don't like the tone of your voice.

    Benny: What is this? Booby traps? Camel netting? What are you people doin' out here?

    Alfredo: Big suprise... FUCK YOU MISTER!


    Benny: [Punches Alfredo into the bog] One down.

  • Alfredo: I'm gonna service you real good babe.

  • Alfredo: It's Armageddon! It's Armageddon you bitch! Godammit!

  • Alfredo: [singing to himself while dumping body parts into a lake] Clean that trap Alfred, clean it good, all you motherfuckers don't tell me what I should... um, do. Take your ugly face Tex and ram it up your butt! *That's* what I'm gonna do!


  • Alfredo: You promised me entertainment, I never expected this. Have such eyes seen sin?

    Prospero: They will.

  • Alfredo: Wherever did you find her?

    Prospero: Pretty toy isn't she?

    Alfredo: I wonder...

    Prospero: I'm sure you do, Alfredo. I'm sure you wonder about every woman in my household... everyone with the appearance of innocence, that is.

  • Alfredo: [tied up and hanging from a chandelier in the costume of an ape] I will set you to tortures unimagined!

    Hop Toad: You have already tortured... by your cruelty to my Esmeralda!

  • Alfredo: [to a party-goer] Let me speak to you about the, uh, "anatomy of terror."

    Prospero: [Interrupting] Terror? What would you know of terror, Alfredo? Your senses are much too blunt! What is "terror?" Come.

    [Leads the party into an adjoining chamber with a clock]

    Prospero: Silence!

    [the clock ticks]

    Prospero: Listen. Is it to awaken and hear the passing of time? Or is it the failing beat of your own heart? Or the footsteps of someone who, just a moment before, was in your room? But let us not dwell on terror. The knowledge of terror is vouchsafed only to the precious few.

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