Alfred Lubitsch Quotes in A Woman Is a Woman (1961)


Alfred Lubitsch Quotes:

  • Alfred Lubitsch: Answer yes, and I owe you 100 francs. Answer no, and you owe me 100, okay?

    Bar Owner: Okay.

    Alfred Lubitsch: Here's the question: Can you loan me 100 francs?

  • Alfred Lubitsch: "Jules and Jim" progressing?

    Woman in Bar: Moderato...

  • Angela: Why is it always women that suffer?

    Alfred Lubitsch: Women are, or woman is, the cause of the suffering. You can say it either way.

    Angela: Shut your face. Or I'll slap it until you've no face left!

  • Alfred Lubitsch: I want to see you nude before we cohabit. That's fair!

    Prostitute 2: We can meet later at the movies. It's "VERA CRUZ".

    Alfred Lubitsch: With my pal, Burt Lancaster.

    [Alfred turns to the camera and grins]

  • Angela: Stop avoiding the question. What limits?

    Alfred Lubitsch: I'm just following your example.

    Angela: Women are allowed to avoid the question.

  • Alfred Lubitsch: What're you thinking?

    Angela: Nothing... I think I'm alive.

  • Alfred Lubitsch: Make up your minds. I'd hate to miss "BREATHLESS" - it's on T.V.

  • Angela: I'm late.

    Alfred Lubitsch: Hello, Angela.

    Angela: Been here a long time?

    Alfred Lubitsch: Me, no. 27 years.

  • Alfred Lubitsch: Is that why you're sad?

    Angela: No.

    Alfred Lubitsch: Then why?

    Angela: Because I'd like to be in a musical...

    [singing & Dancing]

    Angela: with Cyd Charisse... and Gene Kelly... Choreography... by Bob Fosse!

  • Alfred Lubitsch: I said "o.k." You do understand French?

  • Angela: Do you have a coin?

    Alfred Lubitsch: The jukebox?

    Angela: Yes!

    Alfred Lubitsch: Ok. What'll I play - "Itsy-Bitsy"?

    Angela: No - Charles...

    Alfred Lubitsch: Aznavour?

    Angela: Yes!

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