Alexander Hartdegen Quotes in The Time Machine (2002)


Alexander Hartdegen Quotes:

  • Ãœber-Morlock: Who are you to question 800,000 years... of evolution?

    Alexander Hartdegen: This is, this is a perversion of every natural law.

    Ãœber-Morlock: [grabs him by the throat] And what is time travel but your pathetic attempted to try to control the world around you? Your futile effort to have a question answered? You think I don't know you, Alexander? I can look inside your memories, your nightmares, your dreams. You're a man haunted by those two most terrible words: What if?

  • Alexander Hartdegen: My question is why can't one change the past?

    Vox: Because one cannot travel into the past.

  • David Philby: Nothing can change what happened.

    Alexander Hartdegen: No, you're wrong. Because I will change it.

  • Alexander Hartdegen: You're forgetting one thing. What if?

  • Alexander Hartdegen: I could come back a thousand times... and see her die a thousand ways.

  • Alexander Hartdegen: How did this happen?

    Soldier #1: The moon. Come on, move it.

    Alexander Hartdegen: That's impossible. What happened?

    Soldier #1: What, you been living under a rock?

    Alexander Hartdegen: Yes, I've been living under a rock! Now tell me...

    Soldier #1: The demolitions for the lunar colony screwed up the orbit, okay? The moon's breaking up, all right? Now, come on.

  • Alexander Hartdegen: You were right, Philby. We did go too far.

  • David Philby: [looking at a futuristic picture] I wonder if we'll ever go too far.

    Alexander Hartdegen: With what?

    David Philby: [pointing at the picture] With this. With all of this.

    Alexander Hartdegen: No such thing.

  • Jogger: Hey.

    Alexander Hartdegen: Hello.

    Jogger: Nice suit. Very retro.

    Alexander Hartdegen: Thank you.

    Jogger: Bet that makes a hell of a cappuccino. That thing.

  • Mara: Why have you come here? Why have you traveled through time?

    Alexander Hartdegen: To have a question answered.

    Mara: A question?

    Alexander Hartdegen: Yes. Why can't I change the past?

    Mara: Why would you want to?

    [a look of realization]

    Mara: You've lost someone. Someone you loved very much.

  • David Philby: A professor from Columbia University should not be corresponding with a crazy German book keeper.

    Alexander Hartdegen: He's a patent clerk, not a book keeper, and I think Mister Einstein needs all the support I can give him.

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