Alex Stewart Quotes in Love, Rosie (2014)


Alex Stewart Quotes:

  • Alex Stewart: How do I go about seducing a woman who is apparently out of my league?

    Rosie Dunne: Is that a serious question?

    Alex Stewart: Yeah, absolutely.

    Rosie Dunne: Mmm well, you're at a disadvantage being a, you know,


    Rosie Dunne: virgin.

  • Greg: [Greg closes the car door]

    [to Alex]

    Greg: See ya.

    Alex Stewart: [after Greg left with Rosie]

    [thinking to himself about Greg and giggles]

    Alex Stewart: Wanker!

  • Rosie Dunne: What do you think? Boobs au naturel or pushed up? In? Or out?

    Alex Stewart: [surprised] Well, uh, I mean, it depends. Is it


    Alex Stewart: for dancing, or is it, um... Hmm...

    Rosie Dunne: Who knows?

  • Alex Stewart: Okay, and what what happened to the sex?

    Rosie Dunne: This is about the sex!

    Alex Stewart: God, you're so fucked up!

    Rosie Dunne: Mmm, you have no idea. Huh.

  • [Last lines]

    Alex Stewart: Rosie Dunne, can I take you to the dance?

    Rosie Dunne: Better late than never.

  • [Alex is checking into the hotel]

    Rosie Dunne: Any baggage?

    Alex Stewart: No. I left it behind.

  • Alex Stewart: Can I be godfather?

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