Alex Sheldon Quotes in Alex & Emma (2003)


Alex Sheldon Quotes:

  • Alex Sheldon: I'm just a writer, Emma. I don't know what to do to show you how much I love you. I only have words. That's all I have.

  • Emma Dinsmore: Who is she?

    Alex Sheldon: She's this pain-in-the-ass au pair.

    Ylva: [Swedish accent] Well, here we are.

    Adam Shipley: Thanks, um...

    Ylva: Ylva.

    Adam Shipley: Ylva. Now that's a beautiful name. How do you spell it?

    Ylva: Y-L-V-A.

    Adam Shipley: Ah. Just like it sounds.

    Emma Dinsmore: Very funny!

    Alex Sheldon: What? I take it from life.

  • Polina Delacroix: Mr. Shipley, Ylva will set you up in the Guest Cottage.

    Emma Dinsmore: Ylva? What kind of name is Ylva?

    Alex Sheldon: She's Swedesh.

    Emma Dinsmore: That's not a real name. Who made that up, Jaqcues Cartier?

    Alex Sheldon: [growls] It's her name, okay?

    Emma Dinsmore: Okay. How do you spell it?

    Alex Sheldon: Just like it sounds.

    Emma Dinsmore: I-L-V-A

    Alex Sheldon: No. It's Y-L-V-A

    Emma Dinsmore: [confused] Y-L-V-A? That's not how it's sounds!

    Alex Sheldon: Well, that how she spells it!

    Emma Dinsmore: Okay! You want Y-L-V-A? It's Y-L-V-A.

    Alex Sheldon: Good.

    Emma Dinsmore: Just so you know, it's not how it sounds.

  • Emma Dinsmore: Good night.

    Alex Sheldon: Can you say good night if you're only sleeping for two hours?

    Emma Dinsmore: Good *night*.

    Alex Sheldon: Apparently, you can.

  • Emma Dinsmore: Elsa? Who's that?

    Alex Sheldon: The au-pair.

    Emma Dinsmore: I thought Ylva was the au-pair.

    Alex Sheldon: I changed it. She didn't have enough edge.

    Emma Dinsmore: Swedes have no edge?

    Alex Sheldon: No, that's common knowledge. They have that whole light blue flag thing.

    Emma Dinsmore: [incredulous] Oh, and all Germans have edge?

    Alex Sheldon: Well not all. Some do. Certainly Hitler springs to mind.

  • Emma Dinsmore: You're looking for sex, Mr. Shipley. You're barking up the wrong body.

    Alex Sheldon: Ms Dinsmore, I have no intention of barking up your body. I'm sure there are men who would be thrilled to find themselves in bed with such a forthright woman. I prefer my women to be more...well less forthright.

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