Aldo Vanucci Quotes in After the Fox (1966)


Aldo Vanucci Quotes:

  • Aldo Vanucci: Aagghh! If only I could steal enough to become an honest man!

  • Aldo Vanucci: [the stolen gold is delayed and Fabrizi has to shoot some of his 'neo-realist' film] We are ready for the next shot, only in this scene instead of doing *nothing*, we do *something*.

    Tony Powell: [exasperated] What?

    Aldo Vanucci: Running, running.

    Tony Powell: What are we running from?

    Aldo Vanucci: From yourselves. Uh, you get the symbolic meaning?

    [Tony shakes his head 'no']

    Aldo Vanucci: Aah! No matter how fast you run, you can never run away from yourselves!

    Tony Powell: Aahh! Beautiful!

  • Aldo Vanucci: [as Fabrizi, explaining the concept of his movie] Tony plays 'The Fox'...

    Tony Powell: [interrupting] An animal picture!

    Aldo Vanucci: No, "The Fox", a master criminal with an ingenious plan to smuggle gold into Italy, and - a surprise ending!

    Harry: What's the ingenious plan?

    Aldo Vanucci: THAT is the surprise ending.

    Tony Powell: I love it! When do we start shooting?

  • Aldo Vanucci: [to the police chief] In films either you have got a face or you don't got a face. You have got a face.

  • Aldo Vanucci: Because I am a small crook, I go to prison. It's only the big crooks that go free. Is that justice?

  • Aldo Vanucci: I'll get you a new stove, with push buttons!

    Mama Vanucci: I don't want buttons! I want GRANDCHILDREN!

    [Breaks down in tears]

    Aldo Vanucci: You hear that Gina, your Mama wants Grandchildren!

    Gina Vanucci aka "Gina Romantica": You're a crook. Steal her some!

    Aldo Vanucci: Mama, look the other way. I'm going to kill Gina.

  • Police Chief: Good morning!

    Aldo Vanucci: Ooh! A good, strong "Good Morning"! OOOH!

    [Passionately throws papers in the air]

    Aldo Vanucci: OOOH! Sorry, we Artists must give vent to our emotions. And I have just vented... Good morning.


    Police Chief: [to mirror, trying it on] Good morning!

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