Albain Quotes in Capricorn One (1977)


Albain Quotes:

  • Robert Caulfield: Mr Albaine, how much do you charge to dust a field?

    Albain: Twenty five dollars.

    Robert Caulfield: I'd like to hire your plane.

    Albain: That'll be a hundred dollars.

    Robert Caulfield: You said you charged twenty five?

    Albain: Twenty five dollars to dust a field, but you ain't got no field because you ain't no farmer, which means you ain't poor and I think you're a pervert!

    Robert Caulfield: Okay, one hundred.

    Albain: One hundred and twenty five.

    Robert Caulfield: What?

    Albain: Because you said yes to a hundred too quick, which means you can afford a hundred and twenty five.

  • Albain: [repeated line to Caulfield] Keep your *god damn* head down!

  • Robert Caulfield: You in charge here?

    Albain: See that sign there?

    Robert Caulfield: Yes.

    Albain: Well, read it.

    Robert Caulfield: I did.

    Albain: Out loud.

    Robert Caulfield: A&A Crop Dusting Service.

    Albain: You wanna know who I am?

    Robert Caulfield: I bet you're one of the A's.

    Albain: But which one? I bet you can't answer that question, smartass.

    Robert Caulfield: The first one.

    Albain: Wrong.

    Robert Caulfield: Can I have one more guess?

    Albain: You got it.

    Robert Caulfield: The second one.

    Albain: Wrong. I'm both of them. My name is AlBaine. Now, I got a son. You know, the other A was for him but he don't like to fly. He became a lawyer. I think he's a pervert so I took the A away from him. You want to speak to someone in charge, you're speaking to the both of them.

    Robert Caulfield: My name is Caulfield.

    Albain: Hey, I can't help that.

  • Albain: Now what the hell is your friend doing here?

    Robert Caulfield: He's lost.

    Albain: He robbed a bank or something?

    Robert Caulfield: No.

    Albain: Well, I get a third.

    Robert Caulfield: What?

    Albain: We find him, I get a third of the loot. Now keep your goddamn head down.

  • Albain: [after killing helicopter pilots] Perverts!

    [Turns to Caulfield]

    Albain: Remember I get half.

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