Al Giordino Quotes in Sahara (2005)


Al Giordino Quotes:

  • Rudi Gunn: [Dirk wants Al to pull a "Panama"] What's a Panama?

    Al Giordino: It's a Navy thing.

    Rudi Gunn: I didn't know you were in Panama.

    Al Giordino: We weren't in Panama, we were in Nicaragua.

    Rudi Gunn: So why do you call it a Panama?

    Al Giordino: Because we thought we were in Panama!

  • Al Giordino: Hi! How are ya?

  • Al Giordino: I am so tired of being shot at!

  • Al Giordino: Hey, you know how it is when you see someone that you haven't seen since high school, and they got some dead-end job, and they're married to some woman that hates them, they got, like, three kids who think he's a joke? Wasn't there some point where he stood back and said, "Bob, don't take that job! Bob, don't marry that harpy!" You know?

    Dirk Pitt: Your point?

    Al Giordino: Well, we're in the desert, looking for the source of a river pollutant, using as our map a cave drawing of a Civil War gunship, which is also in the desert. So I was just wondering when we're gonna have to sit down and re-evaluate our decision-making paradigm?

    Dirk Pitt: [coming up on the fortress seen in the cave painting] I don't know - it seems to be working so far.

  • Dirk Pitt: I'll meet you at the boat.

    [Slaps Al in the arm then leaves the bar]

    Al Giordino: [acts like Dirk is still there] Ow. No, I got the check. Don't worry about it. I'm serious. I know, I get it all the time. Sit down, I'll get the check. L'addition.

  • Dirk Pitt: Al, did you bring the explosives from Massardes?

    Al Giordino: Couldn't find them...

    Dirk Pitt: Al...

    Al Giordino: I didn't have time...

    Dirk Pitt: Al!

    Al Giordino: [yells] Of course I brought the explosives!

  • Al Giordino: Hey, you ever been after marlins, doctor?

    Dirk Pitt: Oh, no, not the marlin story again, Al.

    Al Giordino: Seven hundred and thirty-three pounds. Five and a half hours in the fighting chair.

    Dirk Pitt: I thought it was 600 pounds.

    Al Giordino: Hey! What did you catch that day? I can't remember anything at all.

  • Al Giordino: Hey Dirk! Where are we headed?

    Dirk Pitt: Hell if I know... but we're making great time!

  • Dirk Pitt: [while digging to find a way into the CSS Texas] How's it looking, Al?

    Al Giordino: You're good!

    Al Giordino: [Helicopter appears from behind sand dunes] DIG FASTER!

  • Dirk Pitt: [after they come across a wrecked plane in the middle of the Sahara] I'll bet you a hundred there's a tool kit in there.

    Al Giordino: [looking at the tattered remnants of the plane] I don't wanna rain on your crazy parade, buddy, but I don't think we can fix this thing.

  • Rudi Gunn: But I was hoping to meet a girl on the Australian trip!

    Al Giordino: No, African war zone; ship of death!

  • Al Giordino: [points at Dirks coin clue] Hey, you know my dad collected ancient coins, from Rome, China, Siam, Persia... somehow they all ended up in a shoe box in New Jersey.

    Dirk Pitt: Meaning?

    Al Giordino: Coins travel, Dirk. I mean, even if that poor guy was still alive, it could have been nothing.

    Dirk Pitt: Yeah, but the coin traveled from somewhere Al. Unless it hitched a ride on the back of a dolphin, I'm gonna guess it's jumping off point was a little closer to where we're sitting.

  • [Al, Dirk and Rudi are being chased in the Admiral's boat]

    Al Giordino: What do you think, Dirk?

    Dirk Pitt: Uh... I think we need to pull a Panama!

    Al Giordino: A Panama... a *Panama*?

    Admiral James Sandecker: [on the phone] A Panama? No! No Panama!

  • Dirk Pitt: We need to find that bomb.

    Al Giordino: No. I'll find the bomb. You get the girl.

    Dirk Pitt: ...Deal!

  • Dr. Frank Hopper: How long have you two be together, anyway?

    Al Giordino: Kindergarden, college, Navy, NUMA. Poor guy's always been in my shadow.

    Dr. Frank Hopper: That is long time.

    Al Giordino: Yep. Always the Al's maid, never the Al.

  • Al Giordino: Ah, how do you put this thing on, anyway?

    Dirk Pitt: What? Just wrap it around your noggin.

    Al Giordino: Which part, this?

    [Holds up end of turban fabric]

    Al Giordino: .

    Dirk Pitt: Yeah.

    Al Giordino: [Pulls the fabric from his head] well, how come yours stays on?

    Dirk Pitt: Maybe you have a small head.

    Al Giordino: I don't think so. Someone would have told me.

  • Al Giordino: Hey, I cant remember how this works... something about a fox and a rabbit... its really bugging me

    Dirk Pitt: The fox chases the rabbit around the tree and down the hole. Thats how the tie works buddy.

  • Al Giordino: [after the boat blows up] I lost my hat!

  • Dirk Pitt: [after he and Al crashed down the sand dunes on the truck bed and find the skeleton] No way!

    Al Giordino: Why "no way"?

    Dirk Pitt: [clearing the sand from the jacket] Kitty Mannock. She flew from London to Cape Town in 1931. They never found her or her plane. This must be where she crash.

    Al Giordino: [pointing off to the wreckage] Nope. "That's" where she crashed.

  • Al Giordino: Man, the Admiral's gonna be mad when he hears you lost his satellite phone.

    Dirk Pitt: Not as mad as when Rudi tells him it was attached to the boat.

  • Al Giordino: [after going outside and being shot at] Next time, *you* go!

    Dirk Pitt: What the hell took you so long?

    Al Giordino: What? I stopped for coffee.

    Dirk Pitt: Get a receipt?

    Al Giordino: Yeah, I got a receipt, and I got you one, too!

    Dirk Pitt: You're the best, Al!

    Al Giordino: You know what? I'll even get you the money from Sandecker!

  • Dirk Pitt: Hey, Al. Do remember that time when we were in Morocco?

    Al Giordino: Ya, when you made me ride that damn camel, that bit my ass.

    Dirk Pitt: Yeah, that's the time.

    Al Giordino: [pauses, confused] Why?

  • Dirk Pitt: [Dirk and Al are chained to each other and the bed of a pickup truck. They detach the bed and push it off the frame of the truck] Well, that's a new one.

    Al Giordino: [Looking at the still attached chains] Yeah. We're home free now.

  • Dirk Pitt: He is going to blow it up.

    Al Giordino: That isn't very subtle.

  • Al Giordino: [in Kazim's stolen car, being chased by a chopper] It's Kazim! Hey, maybe he wants his car back?

  • Eva Rojas: You're late. I was told an 8:00 departure.

    Dirk Pitt: What?

    Al Giordino: I never said 8.

    Dirk Pitt: I said 9.

    Eva Rojas: Well, it's after 10.

    Dirk Pitt: Well who said 8?

  • Al Giordino: [after an explosion that ripped down an interior wall to reveal confederate gold] Jefferson Davis had how many samples made?

  • Dirk PittAl Giordino: [at the same time] There's no way that should've worked!

  • Dirk Pitt: What do you do if you're about to be exposed as the biggest polluter in modern history?

    Al Giordino: I don't know, run for president?

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