Akela Quotes in The Jungle Book (2016)


Akela Quotes:

  • Akela: Mowgli is a member of our pack!

    Shere Khan: Mowgli... they've given it a name! When was it we come to adopt man to this jungle?

    Akela: He's just a cub.

    Shere Khan: [shows his scars] Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do?

  • Bagheera: Maybe I can be of help. The boy's right. Maybe it's time, we found in other people.

    Raksha: No!

    Bagheera: I'm the one who brought him to you. And now I'll return him to where he belongs.

    Raksha: [goes in front of Mowgli] I won't let you. He's my cub!

    Akela: We knew this day would come.

    Raksha: We are the only family he's ever known!

    Akela: Raksha, It's the only place he'll be safe.

    Mowgli: [walks to Raksha] It's okay, Rakmie, I won't go far. I-I'll come back and visit.

  • Akela: No more tricks.

  • Akela: [to his fellow wolves about Mowgli] Shere Khan will surely kill the boy and all who try to protect him. Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done?

    [the wolves nod]

    Akela: Now it is my unpleasant duty to tell the boy's father. Rama? Come over here, please.

    Father Wolf: Yes, Akela?

    Akela: The Council has reached its decision. Man-cub can no longer stay with the pack. He must leave at once.

    Father Wolf: Leave?

    Akela: I am sorry, Rama; there is no other way.

    Father Wolf: But... but the man-cub is... is like my own son. Surely he's entitled to the protection of the pack.

    Akela: But, Rama, even the strength of the pack is no match for the tiger.

    Father Wolf: But the boy cannot survive alone in the jungle.

    Bagheera: Akela, perhaps I can be of help.

    Akela: You, Bagheera? How?

    Bagheera: I know of a man-village where he'll be safe. Mowgli and I have taken many walks into the jungle together. I'm sure he'll go with me.

    Akela: So be it. Now there's no time to lose. Good luck.

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