Ajay Quotes in Reign of Fire (2002)


Ajay Quotes:

  • Ajay: Forget the bird and use the scope you wanker.

  • Ajay: Hey, Barlow, I've got voices.

    Barlow: Ajay, what are you smokin'?

  • AjayAkshayeSashankSaniaShilpaEshaVikram Ghoyal: [singing] Cash to the right of me, / Cash to the left of me / Cash all the money all the time all mine!

  • [first lines]

    Ajay: [subtitled version] My name is Ajay, CEO of AJ Quest Technologies. The man taken on the stretcher is none other than my friend Arya. Ever since I got acquainted to him, I didn't have any more enemies. Because if you've a friend like Arya, you don't need another enemy at all.

  • [last lines]

    Ajay: My name is Ajay... yours?...

    Nisha: I'm Nisha...

    Ajay: Nisha... are you married?

    Nisha: WHAT?

  • [while Rahul and the troupe celebrate Nisha's birthday, Pooja begs Ajay to tell her about a girl he likes]

    Ajay: Okay, okay, okay... You see that waiter serving water?

    [He points to a waiter serving glasses of water]

    Pooja: Yeah?

    Ajay: Well, if he comes here with a glass of water, I'll tell you all about her!

    [They watch the waiter - soon, there is only one glass left on his tray... ]

    Pooja: Oh my God... Excuse me, a glass of water please!

    Ajay: That's cheating!

    Pooja: So what? Everything is fair in love and war!

    [the waiter brings her a glass of water]

    Rahul: [passes by, takes the glass] Thank YOU!

    Pooja: HEY!

    Ajay: [laughing] Everything is fair in love and war!

  • AjayPoojaNishaRahul: [singing] Dil to pagal hai / dil deewana hai... the heart is crazy / the heart is mad...

  • Ajay: Hello, fatty, how are you?

    Pooja: Shut up! I'm not fat!

  • Jagjit: I would like to pay for these by credit card

    [points to books]

    Jagjit: and these by cash

    [points to art supplies]

    Jagjit: .

    Ajay: What's up with the partition? Are those Pakistani brushes?

  • [Gautam sits down and joins Ajay, Jagjit and Salim for Lunch. He is arranging his food containers]

    Ajay: Damn nigga. That's your lunch? No wonder people in India are starving, you got all the food!

  • Jagjit: Look at this place! Can you believe there's this many freshmen?

    Salim: It's going to be a very tough year, yaar. We're going to have to study much harder to beat the curve.

    Ajay: You're at a goddamn party bitch! Fa'get about ya curve! Let's go get some desi booty!

  • [Rao is drunk and is urinating in front of a tree]

    Gautam Rao: This is one of the things I miss most about India. The Freedom. No bogus rules. No regulations. Just do what you want freely.

    [Turns and urinates on Ajay's shoes]

    Ajay: Oh man! I paid $60 for these bitches!

  • Ajay: What happened? This place looks worse than South Central.

  • Ajay: It's like Spike Lee says, you know, gotta be making black films, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

  • Ajay: Oh my brotha! You are oppressed!

  • Ajay: Maybe the coconut bhaisaab is color blind and God stuck your prophet ass here to enlighten him. I mean, you see his face when you whipped out that stank chicken, yo? Nigga went crazy! He was like...

    Salim: My mummy cooked that chicken bhenchod!

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