Aisling Quotes in The Secret of Kells (2009)


Aisling Quotes:

  • [Opening Lines]

    Aisling: I have lived through many ages, through the eyes of salmon, deer, and wolf. I have seen the Northmen invading Ireland, destroying all in search of gold. I've seen suffering in the darkness. Yet I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places. I have seen the book. The book that turned darkness into light.

  • Aisling: [interrupting him] Is this your cat?

    [Brendan screams and falls off rock]

    Aisling: *Well?*

    Brendan: I've heard about... creatures like you. You're a fairy!

    [Aisling gives Pangur Ban a dubious look]

    Aisling: What are you doing in my forest? You've come to spoil it, haven't you?

    Brendan: Uh...

    Aisling: [accusingly] You were probably sent here by your family to get food, weren't you? Well. You can go right back where you came from. If you don't, I'll make the wolves get you. *Rawr!*

    Brendan: No! uh, I didn't mean to. Look, I'm sorry alright? I'm not here to get food for my family. I'm here to get things to make ink. I don't have a family, and we have food in Kells. So I wouldn't come here for it anyway. I was just... a bit lost.

    Aisling: You have no family?

    Brendan: Uh, no.

    Aisling: No mother?

    [Brendan looks down. Aisling bows her head]

    Aisling: I'm alone too.

  • Aisling: Open your eyes and I'll tell you my name.

    [Brendan opens them]

    Aisling: *Aisling*

    Brendan: Aisling.

    Aisling: And this... is *my* forest.

  • Brendan: Aidan is my friend. I'm helping him make the most incredible book in the whole world! He says it will turn darkness into light. Wait until you see it!

    Aisling: Wait until you see the rest of my forest.

  • Aisling: It took my mother. It takes everything. You'll die.

  • Aisling: I thought you knew how to climb trees.

    Brendan: I do. Smaller ones.

    Aisling: [laughs] Yeah. Like *bushes*.

    [Brendan glares at her]

  • Brendan: [Aishling saves Brendan by pushing a boulder; closing out the cave entrance of Crom Curach] Aisling!

    [Brendan picks up the limp Aisling]

    Brendan: What was that?

    Aisling: [quietly] That was him...

    [Haggard-looking; fearful whisper]

    Aisling: *CROM.*

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