Aileen Quotes in A Fine Mess (1986)


Aileen Quotes:

  • Aileen: This is a Cadillac without doors.

    Phil: So what? It's a Cadillac.

  • Aileen: "Love conquers all." "Every cloud has a silver lining." "Faith can move mountains." "Love will always find a way." "Everything happens for a reason." "Where there is life, there is hope."


    Aileen: Oh, well... They gotta tell you somethin'

  • [first lines]


    Aileen: I always wanted to be in the movies.


    Aileen: When I was little I thought for sure that one day, I could be a big, big star. Or maybe just beautiful... beautiful and rich, like the women on TV. Yeah, I had a lot of dreams. And I guess you can call me a real romantic, because I truly believe that one day, they'll come true. So I dreamed about it for hours. As the years went by, I learnt to stop sharing them with people. They said I was dreaming. But back then, I believed it whole heartily.


    Aileen: So whenever I was down, I would just escape into my mind... to my other life, where I was someone else. It made me happy to think that all these people just didn't know yet who I was gonna be. But one day they'll all see.

  • Aileen: "All you need is love and to believe in yourself."


    Aileen: Nice idea. It doesn't exactly work out that way. But I guess it was better to hear a flat-out lie than to know the truth at 13.

  • Lawyer: I see you're from Daytona Beach, all of that looks great, it must be wonderful. But can I tell you something? When the beach party is over, you don't get to say, "You know what? Now I think I'd like to have what everybody else has worked their entire life for." It doesn't work that way.

    Aileen: Fuck you, man. Yeah, FUCK YOU! YOU DON'T FUCKIN' KNOW ME!

    Lawyer: OK, great. That's great. See, now I'm so sorry I didn't hire you before. Leslie, could you please escort Miss... I don't even know her name because of course she doesn't have a resume... out.

    Aileen: I don't need a fuckin' escort you piece of shit! What you think I'm a fuckin' retard? Take your fuckin' job and fuckin' shove it! Fuck you, Leslie!

  • Aileen: People always look down their noses at hookers. Never give you a chance, because they think you took the easy way out, when no one could imagine the willpower it took to do what we do. Walking the streets, night after night, taking the hits and still getting back up.

  • Selby: We can be as different as we wanna be, but you can't kill people!

    Aileen: SAYS WHO? I'm good with the Lord. I'm fine with him. And I know how you were raised, alright? And I know how people fuckin' think out there, and fuck, it's gotta be that way. They've gotta tell you that 'Thou shall not kill' shit and all of that. But that's not the way the world works, Selby. Cuz I'm out there every fuckin' day living it. Who the fuck knows what God wants? People kill each other every day and for what? Hm? For politics, for religion, and THEY'RE HEROES! No, no... there's a lot of shit I can't do anymore, but killing's not one of them. And letting those fucking bastards go out and rape someone else isn't either!

  • Will: You wanna call me "Daddy" while I fuck you, huh?

    Aileen: I'll try. Why? You like to fuck your kids?

  • Aileen: Everybody just thinks I'm this bad shitty fucking person, and all I'm fucking tryin' to do is survive, you know?

    Thomas: I know. I know what you do for a living. It doesn't bother me. I know you didn't dial it up on a goddamn telephone. That's where you landed. That's what you had to do. What you're feeling right now is just guilt, over something you had absolutely no control over. You know how many of us came back from the war? And almost killed ourselves because we felt exactly the same thing you do, right now.

    Aileen: Yeah?

    Thomas: Yeah. And they'll never get it. They'll never get it now, they never got it then, and they sure as hell won't get fucking circumstance!

    Aileen: Fuck, man, circumstance, that's exactly it, that's exactly it. You know I feel like I never even had a fucking choice.

    Thomas: You never did. But you gotta live. You gotta live.

  • Selby: I just wanna live, Lee. I just want a normal happy life. I don't know why you did this.

    Aileen: Because I love you. Because I love you and I never wanna to loose you and that's all. I love you from my heart, my soul, my mind. And I never let you down. All right? Because it was me. It was only me. And I'll tell them that, ok. It's over for me now. And I never gonna see you again.

    Selby: Yeah, I know.

    Aileen: I wish there was a way that people can forgive you for something about this, you know. But they can't. They can't, man. So I gonna die, Sel... Hey Sel, I'll never forget you. Good bye, baby. Bye baby.

    Selby: Good bye, Lee.

  • Aileen: I'm not a bad person. I'm a real good person.

  • Aileen: So I made a deal. I said God I gotta spend this 5 bucks but when it's gone so am I so, if you got something for me in this life you better bring it on, and there she was.

  • Aileen: [after being sentenced to death] Thank you, judge. And may you rot in hell! Sending a *raped* woman to death! And you all... you're a bunch of scum that's what you are!

  • Selby: [angrily crying] Why did you quit hooking?

    Aileen: Because- cause, I needed to, alright?

    Selby: Because you thought I was stupid enough to support you!

    Aileen: No! Selby...

    Selby: That you wouldn't even have to fuck me to get it because I'm so hard-up!

    Aileen: NO! No, Selby. That's not the reason...

    Selby: You said we were gonna party, party, party, Lee! Well, there hasn't been a fucking party!

    Aileen: [nods] I know! But...

    Selby: What have you done about it? NOTHING... when I tell you that I'm starving!

    Aileen: I know, alright? I just...

    Selby: 'Cause you're using me...

    Aileen: NO! I...


    Aileen: [grabs her head holding her up close] BECAUSE I *FUCKING KILLED* SOMEONE, ALRIGHT?

  • Aileen: Life is funny... it's hard. But it's also strange, how things can be so different than you think. I remember I was just a kid in before age club. Set up this beautiful gigantic red and yellow ferris wheel. It lit up to nite sky. They called it. the Monster

  • Aileen: Fuckin' office job! Who the fuck wants a job like that? You fuckin' sit at a little desk, you got your little phone, you got your little fuckin' piece of paper, your little pen, you write shit down, blah blah blah. Fuck, a monkey could do that shit man!

  • Aileen: [Aileen has reluctantly forced a man into the woods after he discovered that she has a gun] I can't...

    Horton: You don't have to. You're just having a hard time.

    Aileen: No! I can't let you live!

    Horton: Oh God... my wife... my wife... my daughter's having a baby.

    Aileen: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Oh God... oh God I'm sorry...

    [She shoots him]

  • Aileen: [points to the bartender] You owe me change!


    Aileen: Fuck it. I'm outta here!

    Selby: Oh, are you sure-

    [touches Lee's shoulder]

    Aileen: [rises from chair and pushes Selby off] GET YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS OFF ME, YOU DUMB DYKE! I'm not gonna fuck you for a fucking beer, alright? So, stop wasting your fuckin' time!

  • Aileen: In my life, it has always been the harmless stuff that hurt the most. When there're things so horribly, you can't even imagine it. It's usually a lot easier than you think. You never really know, until you're the one standing there.

  • Aileen: [recalling when she was about to kill herself] So, I was gonna do it, and the only reason I didn't was a 5 dollar bill, I knew I'd probably given some asshole a blowjob for it, so, it really started to piss me off that if I killed myself without spending it, well then I basically sucked him up for free!

  • Bartender: The bar's closed.

    Aileen: Then do you think you could pull that stick out of your ass? Hm? Now that "the bar's closed".

  • Aileen: I loved her. And the thing no one ever realized about me or believed was that I could learn. I could train myself into anything. People always look down their noses at hookers. Never give you a chance cause they think you took the easy way out. When no one could imagine the will power it took to do what we do, walking the streets night after night. Taking the hits and still getting back up. But I did and they'd all miss out. Cause they had no idea what I could discipline myself too and I believed in something - and I believed in her.

  • Restaurant Manager: [Selby is smoking at a restaurant] This is a no-smoking area. You're gonna have to put the cigarette out.

    Aileen: What are you doin, man, you gonna sing us a song or what?

    Restaurant Manager: [Reaching for Selby's cigarette] Let me have that

    Aileen: [Pushing his arm away and shoving him into a table] Get your fuckin' hands off her, you piece of shit! If she wants to smoke, she's gonna smoke, alright? We're payin' fuckin' customers here!

    [to the other restaurant employees]

    Aileen: What? What'cha got? Huh? Wanna bring it on?

    [She grabs Selby and starts to leave]

    Aileen: Yeah, y'all better watch your fuckin' food cuz there was a fuckin' cockroach in mine size like this. This is not how you run a fuckin' establishment man.

  • Vincent Corey: [moves on Lee] Hold on, hold on. Suck me a bit first. Come on, suck me...

    Aileen: No, man. That's not the fucking deal.

    [she pulls back from him]

    Vincent Corey: Oh come on, I'll give you ten more dollars, come on...

    Aileen: [whispers] No...

    Vincent Corey: [begins screaming] Ten more FUCKING DOLLARS, YOU FUCKING BITCH!

    [knocks Lee out cold]

  • Aileen: So where's your friends?

    Selby: Well... Uh... I'm not...

    Aileen: [laughs]

    Selby: You're mean!

  • Aileen: [both characters break down in each other's arms] You'll come back to me and, you'll come back?

    Selby: [pause] Okay.

    Aileen: This will all, this will all pass, you know? You can go back home for a while, and when you come back here- and we, and we go far far away...

  • Selby: Thanks Lee.

    Aileen: No problem.


    Aileen: How's your arm?

    Selby: It's okay. It's kinda white and it smells kinda weird too.


    Selby: Was it okay?

    Aileen: Yeah it was fine - cause I knew I was coming home to you.

    Selby: Really?

    [Aileen nods her head yes]

    Aileen: [pause] I love you.

    Selby: I love you too.

  • Aileen: I heard that Marilyn Monroe was discovered in a soda shop.

  • Aileen: I was beautiful like a diamond in the rough.

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