Agent Zoil Quotes in Paul (2011)


Agent Zoil Quotes:

  • Agent Zoil: Motherfuckin' tittysuckin' two-balled bitch!

  • Agent Zoil: Pleasure to meet you boys. You did a hell of a job.

    Clive Gollings: Thank you, Agent Zoil.

    Agent Zoil: Please call me Lorenzo.

    Clive GollingsGraeme Willy: Lorenzo Zoil?

  • The Big Guy: Haggard.

    Agent Zoil: Zoil.

    The Big Guy: Where are the other two?

    Agent Zoil: One crashed and burned, the other just burned.

    The Big Guy: Jesus Christ! This has been one fuck-up after another. I should have handled this myself.

    Agent Zoil: I am very close. You give me one hour.

    The Big Guy: An hour? I'll be eating canapès with the governor in an hour. I need this wrapped up now!

    Agent Zoil: No, no. They're mine, damn it. I'm gonna finish this, once and for all.

    The Big Guy: Too late, Zoil. I'm bringing in the big gun...

    [Zoil shoots the radio]

    Agent Zoil: Boring conversation anyway.

  • Adam Shadowchild: 3 tits? That's awesome.

    Haggard: 3 tits? That's awesome.

    Agent Zoil: 3 tits? That's awesome.

    Alien on Paul's ship: 3 tits? Awesome.

  • [repeated Line]

    HaggardPat StevensAgent Zoil: Who the hell is Adam Shadowchild?

  • Agent Zoil: Boring conversation, anyway.

  • Agent Zoil: You know you're a grown man, right? Probably shave, pay taxes. Have pubic hair.

    O'Reilly: All of those things.

  • Agent Zoil: One of them crashed and burned, the other one just burned.

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