Agador Quotes in The Birdcage (1996)


Agador Quotes:

  • Armand: What are you giving him drugs for? What the hell are Pirin tablets?

    Agador: It's aspirin with the "A" and the "S" scraped off.

    Armand: My God, what a brilliant idea!

    Agador: I know.

  • Agador: Armand, why don't you let me be in the show? Are you afraid of my Guatemalan-ness?

    Armand: Your what?

    Agador: My Guatemalan-ness, my natural heat. You're afraid I'm too primitive to be on the stage with your little estrogen rockettes, right?

    Armand: You're right. I'm afraid of your heat.

  • Armand: Is Albert here?

    Agador: No.

    Armand: Great. Then he's driving back from Miami at 20 miles an hour with the parking brake on.

  • Armand: [to Agador] Pull yourself together! Because you have to cook dinner. And I'm going after fucking Albert.


    Val: You... can *cook*, right?

    Agador: Your father seems to think so...

  • Val: Agador, why aren't you wearing your shoes?

    Agador: [manly voice] I do not wear the shoes... because... they make me fall down.

  • Armand: Now take that wig off or I'll tell Albert you're wearing it.

    Agador: You do that, I'm gonna tell him you're seeing somebody else while he's on the stage.

    Armand: I have two words for you: green card.

  • Albert: I'm leaving you my stereo...

    Agador: I don't want it.

    Albert: My red boots?

    Agador: I don't want them.

    Albert: And my wigs?

    Agador: Which wig?

  • Agador: Senator, another shot for you?

    Senator Kevin Keeley: I don't really drink...

    Agador: Yeah, but now's the time to pretend!

  • Agador: When you gonna let me audition for you again?

    Armand: When you have talent.

  • Armand: Agador, you're gonna have to get yourself a uniform and dress like a butler.

    Agador: No! I'm gonna look like a fag!

    Armand: Maybe, but you'll look like a fag in a uniform.

  • Armand: What is that crap you served us?

    Agador: It's Guatemalan Peasant Soup.

    Armand: What's Guatemalan Peasant Soup?

    Agador: I don't know, I made it up. I made it up!

  • Agador: Good eve-e-ning. May I take jour purse as usual... or for the first tine?

  • Agador: [in a scene after one in which he was dressed like Lucy] Armand, why don't you let me be in the show?

  • Armand: You look like Lucy's stunt double.

    Agador: [dancing around in red wig cleaning] No actually I'm a combination of Lucy and Ricky

    Armand: That's horrifying.

  • Agador: My father was the shaman of his tribe and my mother was the high priestess.

    Armand: So why the hell did they move to New Jersey?

    Agador: I don't know, they're so stupid.

  • Armand: Ugh, what is this, sludge?

    Agador: Yes, it's sludge; I thought it'd make a nice change from coffee.

  • Val: Put your shoes on Agador, it's getting late.

    Agador: [In what he thinks is a normal waiter's voice] Ah, but there's no point in my putting shoes on.

    [blows out match]

    Agador: I never wear shoes because they make me fall down.

    Val: Just, put your shoes on, okay? And talk in your normal voice, and just... give me a break, okay?

    Agador: [In real voice] Okay.

  • Albert: Hmm, Turkish coffee.

    Agador: See!

    [Slaps Armand's arm]

  • Agador: My Guatemalaness; my natural heat!

    Armand: Yes, I'm afraid of your heat.

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