Adenoid Hynkel Quotes in The Great Dictator (1940)


Adenoid Hynkel Quotes:

  • Adenoid Hynkel: Strange, these strike leaders, they're all brunettes. Not a blonde amongst them.

    Garbitsch: Brunettes are trouble makers. They're worse than the Jews.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Then wipe them out.

    Garbitsch: Start small. Not so fast. We get rid of the Jews first, then concentrate on the brunettes.

    Adenoid Hynkel: We shall never have peace 'til we have a pure Aryan race. How wonderful. Tomania, a nation of blue-eyed blondes.

    Garbitsch: Why not a blonde Europe, a blonde Asia, and blonde America.

    Adenoid Hynkel: A blonde world.

    Garbitsch: And a brunette dictator.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Dictator of the world!

  • Adenoid Hynkel: Declare war on Napaloni.

    Garbitsch: Napaloni?

    Adenoid Hynkel: Yes, Napaloni!

    [to Field Marshal Herring]

    Adenoid Hynkel: Listen, you blockhead. Mobilise every division of the army and the air force. Proceed to Bacteria and attack at once.

    Garbitsch: But war will be the end of us.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Do as I tell you.

    Garbitsch: Madness.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Shut up!

    Garbitsch: Very well. Would you sign this?

    Adenoid Hynkel: Yes, I'll... what is it?

    Garbitsch: The declaration of war.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Then I'll sign it. A pen! Und stratz mit ze uldensackt. I'll sign it! Und stratz mit sei ├â┬Âldensackt, il der, der flutens... , der... , der... , und strippensackt! A pen! I'll sign it. Napaloni, de grosse peanut, de cheesy ravioli. There!

  • Adenoid Hynkel: Garbitsch, what's the meaning of this? These appropriations? 25 million for prison camps when we need every penny for the manufacturing of ammunition's?

    Garbitsch: We've had to make a few arrests.

    Adenoid Hynkel: A few? How many?

    Garbitsch: Nothing astronomical. Five or ten thousand.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Oh.

    Garbitsch: A Day.

  • Adenoid Hynkel: You see, when I get shaved, I'm very nervous. I like something to look at. So I'm putting in glass walls and ceiling... so that when my head is turned this way, I shall have a view of the mountains. And when it's tipped this way, I shall have a view through the glass ceiling.

    Napaloni - Dictator of Bacteria: What's above-a the ceiling?

    Adenoid Hynkel: The ballroom.

  • Adenoid Hynkel: Schultz, why have you forsaken me?

  • Adenoid Hynkel: [Excusing himself from Madame Napaloni's company on the dance floor upon being summoned by Garbitsch] Madame, your dancing was superb. Excellent. Very good. Good.

  • Adenoid Hynkel: [in the middle of a speech in which he rants in "German"] Phooey!

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