Adele Martin Quotes in Bright Eyes (1934)


Adele Martin Quotes:

  • Shirley Blake: I know who you are.

    Adele Martin: You do?

    Shirley Blake: Sure, you're the lady who's coming to live at our house.

    Adele Martin: You're not little Joy, are you?

    Shirley Blake: Oh, no, I'm Shirley.

    Adele Martin: Oh, I see.

    Shirley Blake: Loop, isn't this the lady whose picture you have in your book?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Yeah. She's one of them.

  • Uncle Ned Smith: What do you think?

    Adele Martin: I think you're an old softy.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Well, would you let them put a child like that in a home, would you?

    Adele Martin: In my home.

    Uncle Ned Smith: But you're not like those two in there. You're more like me. Where is Shirley?

    Adele Martin: She's down at the airport with Loop.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Loop? Who's Loop? Oh, I remember. He's that aviator fellow you were interested in.

    Adele Martin: Uh, yes.

  • Adele Martin: Can't you forget the past?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Sure. I can forget a lot of things. I can forget that you and I were in love, and we were engaged to be married, and you walked out on me. All that is as dead as this.

    [tosses away a burnt match]

    James 'Loop' Merritt: But I can't forget that you made a fool of me. A man remembers something like that.

    Adele Martin: Would it make any difference if I said I'm sorry?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Not a bit. It's a little too late. But you didn't come all the way over here just to tell me that, did you?

    Adele Martin: No. I came to talk about Shirley. The Smythes want her to come and live with them.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Wait a minute. You mean that you and Uncle Ned sold the Smythes the idea, and they don't like it any too well, but in order to keep in good with Uncle Ned, they'll do it. Well, you can't have her.

    Adele Martin: Don't let your feelings for me interfere with the little girl's future. I know her father was your best friend. I know you love her very dearly. You must surely see that she can't live here in a barracks with a lot of men!

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: Shirley, would you like to go back to the Smythes' house and live there?

    Shirley Blake: Do I have to?

    Adele Martin: For a little while, dear.

    Shirley Blake: Are you gonna be there, too?

    Adele Martin: Yes, I am, dear, and we'll be together every day.

    Shirley Blake: Well, if you'll be there, it'll be fine. I like you, and I like Mr. Smith.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: All right, then, it's all settled.

    Shirley Blake: Can't Loop come and live with us, too?

    Adele Martin: No, dear. Just at the moment, I'm afraid that can't be arranged.

  • Adele Martin: You told Shirley if she was ever in trouble to send you this ring. Well, I want to see if it's really a magic ring because I'm in trouble. You want Shirley, and I want Shirley. If you think hard for a minute, can't you figure a way out?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: I don't get you at all.

    Adele Martin: Oh, dear. Do I have to propose?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Well, I did the last time.

    Adele Martin: Oh, Loop...

    James 'Loop' Merritt: No. You don't have to propose. Maybe all this happened for a good reason. Maybe this time it'll last forever.

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: You can take her now, but only on the understanding that once I get a place for her, Shirley comes with me. I love that baby.

    Adele Martin: I understand how you feel. Loop, regardless of what you think of me, I think you're the finest man I've ever known.

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