Adam Belinski Quotes in Cluny Brown (1946)


Adam Belinski Quotes:

  • Sir Henry Carmel: Well, she needn't have dropped the platter and insulted my friend. What was it she said to you?

    Syrette: I remember very well, sir. It was, if I may take the liberty of repeating it, 'Nuts to the squirrels.'

    Sir Henry Carmel: Doesn't make sense!

    Adam Belinski: No, it doesn't. It should be 'Squirrels to the nuts.' But I have an open mind, and if someone says to me 'Nuts to the squirrels,' I accept it. You may be inclined to say that to me yourself some day, when you know me better - and I'm not so sure that you will include the 'squirrels.'

    Sir Henry Carmel: [shaking his head] That's much too deep for me.

  • Adam Belinski: In Hyde Park, some people like to feed nuts to the squirrels. But if it makes you happy to feed squirrels to the nuts, who am I to say nuts to the squirrels?

  • Andrew Carmel: [hearing news of the war] I intend to write another letter to the Times.

    Adam Belinski: Good.

    Andrew Carmel: [uncertainly] No... No, I'll join the R.A.F.

    Adam Belinski: Better... join the R.A.F, and rise above the Times.

  • Adam Belinski: But I know Hitler.

    Sir Henry Carmel: He has written a book, hasn't he?

    Adam Belinski: Yes.

    Sir Henry Carmel: Big success?

    Adam Belinski: Very big.

    Sir Henry Carmel: So what more does he want? Why doesn't he lie down and keep quiet?

    Adam Belinski: If you really want to know, Sir Henry, read the book.

    Sir Henry Carmel: It's an outdoor book. What is it called? Oh yes, "Mein Camp".

  • Adam Belinski: You couldn't have prescribed a better sedative than yourself!

    Jonathan Wilson: Thank you Sir.

    Adam Belinski: Not at all.

  • Cluny Brown: You must never become a victim of my circumstances, and, if you should ever seem romantic to me - don't hesitate. Just kick me.

    Adam Belinski: Yes, let's kick each other.

  • Adam Belinski: I would build you the most beautiful mansion, with the most exquisite and complicated plumbing, I would hand you a hammer, and say "Ladies and Gentlemen, Madame Cluny Belinski is about to put the pipes in their place".

  • Adam Belinski: You see she is not dressed for plumbing... but what woman is ?

  • Adam Belinski: You will never have to serve three meals a day again. On the other hand, you might not have three meals a day.

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