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Abraham Farlan Quotes:

  • Abraham Farlan: Child, where were you born?

    June: In Boston Sir.

    Abraham Farlan: Do you know this man?

    June: I think so.

    Abraham Farlan: You think so?

    June: I only met him a few days ago.

    Abraham Farlan: You hardly know him. How can you think you love him?

    June: But I do love him.

    Abraham Farlan: Nonsense my child.

    Doctor Frank Reeves: I object. Council will withdraw the expression.

    June: It's all right Frank. he's right. There's no sense in love.

    Abraham Farlan: Wisdom still flowers in Boston.

  • Abraham Farlan: You claim you love her.

    Peter: I do love her!

    Abraham Farlan: Can you prove it?

    Peter: Well give me time, sir. Fifty years will do.

    Abraham Farlan: But can you prove it?

    Peter: Well, can a starving man prove he's hungry except by eating?

    Abraham Farlan: Would you die for her?

    Peter: I would, but, er, I'd rather live.

  • Doctor Frank Reeves: Sir, may I bring you up to date? We are living in the 20th century, not in the 18th.

    Abraham Farlan: May I bring you up to date, sir? We are not alive at all.

  • Abraham Farlan: Your smile is not unattractive, sir. Did you use it to enamor this young American lady?

    Peter: I love her sir.

    Abraham Farlan: Answer the question.

    Peter: Would you repeat the question? It, erm, had "enamored" in it.

  • Abraham Farlan: Be careful, doctor Reeves. In the whole Universe, nothing is stronger than The Law.

    Doctor Frank Reeves: Yes, Mr. Farlan, nothing is stronger than The Law in the Universe, but on Earth nothing is stronger than Love.

  • Abraham Farlan: An American baby sucks in freedom with the milk of the breast on which he hangs.

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