Abigail Gabble Quotes in The AristoCats (1970)


Abigail Gabble Quotes:

  • Abigail Gabble: Your husband is very charming and very handsome.

    Thomas O'Malley: Well, you see, I'm not exactly her husband.

    Amelia Gabble: Exactly? Either you are or you're not.

    Thomas O'Malley: All right. I'm not.

    Abigail GabbleAmelia Gabble: Oh?

    Amelia Gabble: He's scandalous.

    Abigail Gabble: Indeed

    Amelia Gabble: He's absolutely positively a reprobate.

    Abigail Gabble: A roue.

    Amelia Gabble: His eyes are too close together.

    Abigail Gabble: Very shifty, too.

    Amelia Gabble: And look at his crooked smile!

    Abigail Gabble: His chin is very weak, too.

    Amelia Gabble: Obviously a philanderer who triffles with unsuspecting women's hearts.

    Marie: How romantic.

  • Amelia Gabble: I am Amelia Gabble. And this is my sister.

    Abigail Gabble: Abigail Gabble.

    Amelia Gabble: We're twin sisters.

    Abigail Gabble: In fact, you could say we're related.

  • Duchess: Thomas, this is Amelia and Abigail Gabble.

    Thomas O'Malley: Yeah, honey. Get those two web-footed lifeguards out of here.

    Duchess: Now, now, Thomas.

    Thomas O'Malley: Okay. Okay, baby.

    [to the geese]

    Thomas O'Malley: Hiya, chicks.

    [Abigail and Amelia Gabble laugh]

    Abigail Gabble: We're not chickens. We're geese.

    Thomas O'Malley: [sarcastically] No. I thought you were swans.

  • Abigail Gabble: Amelia, if I walk any further, I'll get flat feet.

    Amelia Gabble: Abigail, we were born with flat feet.

  • Abigail Gabble: [instructing the cats on how to walk] Now, think goose.

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