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  • Abel Aravidze as an adult: Varlam was always guided by the interests of society. But sometimes he had to act against his will.

    Tornike: And if he were ordered to destroy the world, would he have done it?

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: You know what? Your grandfather never killed anyone with his own hands! And you did fire at a human being! What kind of morals you're talking of?

    Tornike: I didn't know who I was firing at.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: What difference does it make? You did fire at a human!

    Tornike: Yes, I did... And it makes our guilt even worse.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Whose guilt?

    Tornike: Grandfather's, mine, and yours.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: What do you blame me for?

    Tornike: For justifying grandfather and for following in his steps. You're a worse murderer than me, because you don't pity that woman.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Why should I pity her? Are you out of your mind?

    Tornike: You'd rather strangle her than ask her forgiveness.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: I couldn't imagine that you were such an idiot! She digs up my father from his grave, and I'm supposed to apologize? Yes, I will strangle her, and you too, if you don't come to your senses. I shall not let her desecrate the deceased!

    Tornike: I hate you. I hate you!

  • Abel Aravidze as an adult: Of course, the court will pass some sentence. But what am I to do? Keep burying my father every day?

  • Varlam Aravidze: You will grind to dust anyone who stands in your way. If you're struck on one cheek, you won't turn the other one, you'll strike back so hard that the other's neck is broken. Your kind is not capable of splitting! You don't give a damn about good and evil. It's not splitting you're worried about, it's fear that's killing you!

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: What fear?

    Varlam Aravidze: You fear yourself. All your life you've been after prestige, proud of your model family, and, suddenly, your world is collapsing.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: No!

    Varlam Aravidze: Yes. Your father is thrown out of his grave, you're losing your power, your only son rebels against you. All that stood for the name of Abel Aravidze is slipping away from you. And you're left alone, helpless and weak.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: No! No!

    Varlam Aravidze: Yes, you're afraid! You're being eaten up by your fear of loneliness. For a lonely unbeliever thinks only of death.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Yes, I'm afraid! I'm surrounded by emptiness. All my life I've been trying to run away from it, pretending and lying. Both my family and my work are just self-deception, for I am afraid to be left alone with myself. Afraid to think.

    Varlam Aravidze: About what?

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: About what's most important. Who are you? What do you live for? What's the point of your existence? Who are you? What did you live for? And you? And you? Who are you? Who are you, Abel Aravidze? Abel Aravidze, Abel Aravidze...

    Varlam Aravidze: Who are we? What did we come to this world for? Where are we rushing to? You know what? Forget all this nonsense. Tomorrow everything will return to normal and you'll live as you used to. Trying to atone for your sins? A coward, that's what you are! If it were up to me, I would have sent you right to Hell!

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Who are you? Who are you? Answer me!

    Varlam Aravidze: Didn't you recognize me, my boy? So you came to confess to the devil?

  • Abel Aravidze as an adult: May your name be cursed... as your life and deeds, Abel Aravidze! What have you done!Monster! May your blood... turn to water... and your bread... to dust! May your flesh... burn in Hell's fire... and not be honored... like your father... with an earthly burial! Why were you born... devil incarnate... Abel Aravidze? And why was your father born? And your son? It's grown so dark, it's pitch dark! Oh G-d, all this is so senseless!

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