Abby Quotes in Grindhouse (2007)


Abby Quotes:

  • Abby: You killed Bin Laden?

    Lt. Muldoon: I put two in his heart, one in his computer.

    Wray: So that was you.

  • Lt. Muldoon: Where are my men?

    Abby: [throws a bag to Lt. Muldoon] I put several right here.

    Lt. Muldoon: What the fuck is this?

    Abby: Their balls, sweetheart.

  • [Abby is being held down around some severed testicles]

    Lt. Muldoon: Looks like I got you by the balls, Abby.

    Abby: You certainly have.

  • Abby: [head is blown in half]

    Cherry: Is anyone else here a bio-chemical engineer?

  • Abby: I also want your balls.

  • Abby: You killed Bin Laden?

    Lt. Muldoon: I put two in his heart, one in his computer.

    El Wray: So that was you.

  • Romy: [nervous tone] Uh... hi Abby. How's it going?

    Abby: [notices an empty cage nearby with bent-out bars] I see you've run into a spot of trouble while I was away. You mind telling me what happened?

    Romy: [continues to stammer] Uh... I don't know. They just... escaped.

    Abby: All three?

    Romy: Uh... yeah. I... don't know how they did it. I just went left for a little while and when I came back... it... well...

    Abby: I'm sorry, Romy. I just don't trust you anymore. You are the most incompetent employee I've ever employed. You know the penalty for failure. You enforce the rules yourself.

    Romy: [more nervous] All right... Abby you win. I'm out. I'm finished. You'll never see me again. I'll get my things and get out of here.

    Abby: Not so fast!

    [one of Abby's men brings over a large jug of formaldehyde with various circle-shaped objects in it]

    Abby: I also want your balls for my collection!

    [Abby tosses Romy a large knife; Romy hesitates]

    Abby: It would be easier if you do it yourself. Just drop your pants, chop them off, and give them to me. Then... I might consider letting you live.

    Romy: [on the verge of tears] Uh... Abby... I'm really attached to them.

    Abby: [sarcastic] Oh, sweetheart I was really attached to my specimens. And now, thanks to you and your incompetence, they're out there in the night doing God knows what.

  • Abby: You made Mrs. March feel like she could see again. You made Ford believe he was part of something. You give out hope like it was candy in your pocket.

  • [end of the movie; introducing The Postman to her baby]

    Abby: This is your daughter... her name is Hope.

  • Will: Abby, are you all right?

    Abby: Yeah, I was just looking at crabs!

    Will: [Smiling]

    Abby: Daddy, don't worry about me so much!

    Karen: [Imitating Abby] Yeah daddy, don't worry so much. We'll be fine!

  • Abby: Will you wiggle your wings after you takeoff?

    Will: Better watch and see!

  • Abby: When are you going to take me for a ride?

    Will: Well, as a matter a fact... I booked a cabin up at Whistler this weekend... and how about that?

    Abby: [Happy] YES!

  • Abby: [to a pitchfork-angry mob] Some people got a bed to sleep on, where they can crawl under the covers and have a good night's rest, but other people, they don't got beds at all. Instead, they gotta find an alleyway or a park bench where some fucker's not gonna stab them. Just because they don't got beds doesn't mean they're homeless, 'cause - guess what? - they've got the biggest home of any of us. It's called "the streets," and right now we're all standing in their home, so maybe we should show them some goddamn respect! If this is their home, they got a right to keep it clean, don't they? Sometimes on the streets, a broom just ain't gonna fucking cut it! That's when you gotta get a shotgun!

  • Abby: You can't solve all the world's problems with a shotgun.

    Hobo: It's all I know.

  • Abby: This isn't the only place grass grows.

    Hobo: Are you serious?

  • Hobo: Well, Abby, can I tell you something about bears?

    Abby: Sure.

    Hobo: The bear is a solitary animal. They like their space. They live in a magic circle. They don't mind if you're like a mile away, but if you get inside their circle, they will maul you. If a bear's claw would ever strike your face, it would take your whole face right off your skull - your eyes, your nose, your lips, everything - and you would die from it.

    Abby: Wow. Didn't know bears could be so vicious.

  • [last lines]

    Abby: [screaming] No!

  • Hobo: I think I'm okay now. I just tell my brain when I know I'm hurting... I just say, "I got nothing for you buddy... nothing to make it go away, so just go to hell," and he goes. He's like a brother to me now, and brothers fight sometimes.

    Abby: Well, I think it's time to put you and your brother to bed.

  • Abby: Abby: "... Why don't you van go fuck yourself."

  • Richard Dunn: I love you.

    Abby: What?

    Richard Dunn: Not in any way that's in... Uh, inappropriate or anything, nothing that's not... You know... Decent or... It's just if I examine my, if I look in my... heart, I find that, I think that it's... there's love there. For you. Yeah... I love you.

    Abby: It wasn't really a looney bin. And it was only for a few months. Just until I... My parents thought... I don't know... I never told them, I never told anyone. It was a pact. Amy and me were both supposed to go... in the water. She did it, but I swam back. I swam back... I couldn't... I don't know why we were so unhappy about. Eight... I guess you're too young to know you can get over anything.

  • Richard Dunn: You made this?

    Abby: Yeah...

    Richard Dunn: How?

    Abby: I don't know... An onion, a couple of carrots... One of your beers, uh... Oh, hope that was okay, I just kind of helped myself.

  • Richard Dunn: Does this couch make me look fat?

    Abby: Um... I wouldn't sit there...

  • Abby: [receiving a gift from Richard and takes a wild guess] Oh... It's a... Camel? Peacock?

    Richard Dunn: It's the swan. The beautiful, graceful swan.

    Abby: Sorry...

  • Abby: I had this dream last night. You were in it.

    Richard Dunn: Oh. Was I interesting?

    Abby: You were you.

  • Abby: Remember the moment when you realized your soup didn't have to come out of a can? You konow, all manufactured? That your chicken noodle can kick Cambell's Chicken Noodle's ass any day?

    Richard Dunn: I think I'm having that moment right now.

  • [Richard follows Abby with his bike. Just when Abby turns around, he manages to hide every time. When he passes the corner, Abby is ready with a spray nozzle aimed at his face]

    Richard Dunn: No, no, no! It's not like that!

    [They stare at each other]

    Richard Dunn: WD-40?

    Abby: For your wheels. Driving me nuts.

    [She sprays]

    Abby: Nice bike, though. I used to ride one of these when I was your age. My parents put it in a yard sale. So I had to kill them.

  • Abby: Chickenshit.

  • Christopher: Isn't this the guy that was following you? I mean, who does that?

    Abby: You do. It's just babysitting.

    Christopher: Then where's the kid?

    Abby: Well... He doesn't have a kid.

    Christopher: The guy's a perv, then. You gotta get outta here.

    Abby: He's a famous writer! Okay? Get a life.

    Christopher: You *are* my life.

  • Richard Dunn: I have a problem with my hands.

    Abby: What do you mean?

    Richard Dunn: They won't do what l want them to do.

    Abby: What do you want them to do?

    Richard Dunn: Anything... l don't know, something useful... l want them to build something or make something.

    Abby: Like what?

    Richard Dunn: Even Jesus, l mean, he was a carpenter... You know, it wasn't enough for him to save mankind. He needed a trade... I'm a fIimsy man, an insubstantial.

    Abby: Well, compared to Jesus.

    Richard Dunn: l'm a paper man.

  • Richard Dunn: You seem a lot more interesting than me.

    Abby: l'm not... It just seems that way because l have a dead sister.

  • Abby: It's... Charlie.

    Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: [Obliviously] Sheen? I thought he straightened out?

    Abby: Not that Charlie.

    Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: My Charlie. My son Charlie? He's on the naughty list? There's gotta be a mistake.

  • Abby: Where's Daddy?

    Jackie Flaherty: He's running.

    Abby: From what?

  • Andrew: Nobody does it every night.

    Abby: Malcolm and Beatrice do.

    Andrew: Yeah, but they're chiropractors so you can't believe a word they say.

  • Noelle: Besides, he has this small personal habit that just drives me crazy.

    Abby: What's that?

    Noelle: He loves *you*.

  • Abby: I have to tell you something.

    Brian: What?

    Abby: The other night on the phone...I'm pregnant.

    Brian: Oh darling...are you sure it was me?

    Abby: I don't know. I made a lot of phone calls that night.

  • Abby: We can love our pets, we just can't LOVE our pets.

  • Abby: Did you call me?

    Roy: What?

    Abby: I heard dumb bitch. I assumed you were talking to me.

    Roy: I was talking to her.

    Abby: Your name is dumb bitch TOO? No wonder I keep getting all of your mail! You know, we could be related. There are a lot of us dumb bitches here in LA.

  • Abby: You forgot to say I love you because you're beautiful.

    Brian: No, I didn't. I mean, she is. But that's not why I love her.

  • Abby: OK. So say you meet one of these no sparks women, and you really take the time to get to know her and then you become intellectually stimulated by her. You just really enjoy her personality, thereby igniting all your lust and passion. Have you ever thought about that?

    Brian: Are you going to eat that?

  • Abby: What are we discussing?

    Brian: Well there's the issue of Hank, who's in a terrible state without you.

  • Brian: Who are you? What is this? Is this some kind of weird game you two play for kicks, you take some guy and see how much you can screw him up!

    Abby: No, it was a mistake.

  • Abby: So, how was your trip?

    Matt Pandamiglio: It was good. It was good.

    Abby: Yeah? Anything happen?

    Matt Pandamiglio: What do you mean?

    Abby: I don't know. You're just acting kind of weird.

    Matt Pandamiglio: I think you're acting weird.

    Abby: Really? How?

    Matt Pandamiglio: By asking me how my trip was.

  • Abby: I don't know anything about love. Every time I feel it, it's gone, it disappears and all I have left is pain and sadness.

  • Abby: Somewhere along the way I just forgot what I wanted to do with my life...

  • Kevin Gibbons: Two questions... what is your name, and can I please have your phone number?

    Abby: Abby... and I thought you'd never ask.

  • Abby: I can't get next to you.

    Kevin Gibbons: Excuse me?

    Abby: "I'm So Tired of Being Alone" is a great Al Green song, but "I Can't Get Next To You" sounds a little more appropriate.

    Kevin Gibbons: Why?

    Abby: Because... I can't get next to you!

  • Abby: She wants to save the world!

  • Abby: Ok, you like this? Do you have eyes on your face?

  • Abby: I look like a cow.

  • Kate: I'm not spending U$ 200 on a pair of jeans for my teenage daughter when there are '45' homeless people living...

    Abby: What does that have to do with anything? They don't want jeans!

  • Abby: And now we're two people walking around with shit in a bag. I mean... I mean, what if we didn't have dogs with us, and we were doing that? That would be disgusting. But, because we have dogs, it's normal.

  • [last lines]

    Abby: [after shooting Visser] I'm not afraid o' you, Marty.

    Private Detective Visser: [laughing hysterically] Well, ma'am, if I see him, I'll sure give him the message.

  • Abby: I don't know what you're talkin' about. I mean, what are you talking about? I haven't done anything funny.

  • Abby: He took me to a psychiatrist one time, to calm me down... the psychiatrist said I was the healthiest person he'd ever talked to, so Marty fired him.

    Ray: I don't think you can fire a psychiatrist, 'zactly.

    Abby: Well I never saw him again, I can tell you that.

  • Abby: I said, "Marty, how come you're anal, and *I* gotta go to the psychiatrist?"

    Ray: What'd he say?

    Abby: Nothing. He's like you, he doesn't say much.

    Ray: Thanks.

    Abby: Except when he doesn't say things, they're usually nasty. When you don't, they're usually nice.

  • Abby: He gave me a little pearl-handled .38 for our first anniversary.

    Ray: Uh-huh.

    Abby: Figured I'd better leave before I used it on him. I don't know how you can stand him.

    Ray: Well, I'm only an employee, I ain't married to him.

  • Abby: Ray?

    Ray: You're bad.

    Abby: What?

    Ray: I said you're bad.

    Abby: [long pause, then smiles] You're bad too.

    Ray: We're both bad.

  • Marty: Lover-boy oughta lock his door. I love you... That's a stupid thing to say, right?

    Abby: I... I love you too.

    Marty: [smiling] No. You're just saying that because you're scared. You left your weapon behind... He'll kill you too.

  • Abby: How come you offered to drive me in this mess?

    Ray: I told you, I like you.

    Abby: I never knew that.

    Ray: Well, now you do.

    Abby: Hell.

  • Ray: What do you want to do?

    Abby: What do *you* want to do?

  • Ray: Who was it?

    Abby: What?

    Ray: On the phone? Was it, was it for you?

    Abby: I don't know. He didn't say anything.

    Ray: How'd you know it was a he?

    Abby: You got a girl? Am I screwin' somethin' up by bein' here?

    Ray: No. Am I?

  • Abby: Ray, just tell me what happened?

    Ray: That ain't important.

  • Ray: Abby, I meant it, when I called.

    Abby: I love you too.

    Ray: You're scared.

  • Abby: [referring to Marty] Fact is... he's ANAL, Ray!

    Ray: Hmmmmm?

    Abby: [pointing to her forehead] In HERE... Abby, in HERE... I'm anal.

    Ray: Well, I'll be damned.

    Abby: I couldn't believe it myself.

  • Abby: Eat it, you stinkin' pig!

  • Abby: [laughing]

    Richie: Shut up, SHUT UP

    [turns around]

    Richie: Jerk

    Claude: Check out Dirty Harry.

    Abby: You couldn't hit an elephant if it came up and kissed you.

    Richie: Watch this, Baby

  • Abby: Hey, you think Doberman will get fired?

    Outlaw: Ah, hell, fire him. They'll give him a medal.

  • Owen: Are you a vampire?

    Abby: I need blood to live.

    Owen: But how old are you, really?

    Abby: Twelve. But... I've been twelve for a very long time.

  • Abby: Owen, do you like me?

    Owen: Yeah. A lot.

    Abby: Would you still like me... even if I wasn't a girl?

    Owen: What do you mean? I don't know. I guess. Why?

    Abby: No reason.

  • Abby: [to Owen] You have to invite me in.

  • Owen: Do you want to go steady?

    Abby: What do you mean?

    Owen: Do you want to be my girlfriend?

    Abby: Owen, I'm not a girl.

    Owen: You're not a girl? What are you?

    Abby: I'm nothing.

    Owen: You know, it's ok if you don't want to be my girlfriend. You don't have to make stuff up.

    Abby: Can't we just keep things the way they are?

    Owen: Yeah, fine. Whatever.

  • Abby: [touching Owen's bandaged cheek] What happened there?

    Owen: Just some kids from school. Where do you go to school anyway? I've never seen you...


    Abby: [interrupting Owen] Owen, listen.

    Owen: What?

    Abby: You have to hit back. You have to hit back hard.

    Owen: I can't. There's three of them.

    Abby: Then you have to hit back even harder. Hit them harder than you dare and then they will stop.

    Owen: What if they hit me back?

    Abby: You have a knife.

    Owen: Yeah, and what if that doesn't stop them?

    Abby: Then I'll help you.

  • Abby: Dear Owen, I am in the bathroom. Please do not come in. Do you want to hang out with me again tonight? I really like you. Love, Abby.

  • Abby: What are you doing?

    Owen: Nothing. What are you doing?

    Abby: Nothing.

  • Abby: Just so you know, I can't be your friend.

    Owen: Why not?

    Abby: That's just the way it is.

    Owen: Well, who said I wanted to be your friend? Idiot.

  • Owen: How old are you?

    Abby: Twelve... more or less. How old are you?

    Owen: Twelve years, eight months, and nine days.

  • Abby: I just know that this is what happens when you don't invite me in.

  • Abby: You know, I really want to be left alone.

    Owen: Me too.

    Abby: So leave.

    Owen: You leave! I've lived here longer than you.

  • Owen: You smell kind of funny.


    Owen: Aren't you cold?

    Abby: I don't really get cold.

  • Owen: Look, it's so cool!

    [shows Abby Morse Code]

    Owen: We can talk to each other through the wall!

    Abby: Can you hear me through the wall?

    Owen: Only sometimes.

    Abby: Did you hear anything the other night?

    Owen: A little. What was your dad so mad about? Where's your mom?

    Abby: My mom is dead.

    Owen: My mom and dad are getting a divorce.

  • Owen: When is your birthday?

    Abby: I don't know.

    Owen: You don't celebrate your birthday? Don't get birthday presents?

  • Owen: I want to go! Are you going to let me?

    Abby: I told you we couldn't be friends.

  • Owen: You kill people.

    Abby: I do it because I have to.

  • Abby: Help me!

  • Owen: [after Owen gives Abby the Morse Code] Tap-tap-tap-tap... pause... tap-tap.


    Abby: Tap-tap-tap-tap... pause... tap-tap.


  • Abby: They said we could go with them, if we chose to.

    Diana Wayland: Who did, baby? Who?

    Abby: The whisper people.

  • Jim Beale: How did you get here?

    Abby: In a car. How did you get here?

    Jim Beale: You didn't just walk through a wormhole?

    Abby: You're making me feel like I did.

  • Jim Beale: How do I know I can really trust you?

    Abby: How do I know I can really trust you?

    Jim Beale: The ID number matches the one that came through the wormhole. But that's probably just a coincidence.

    Abby: You people don't believe in coincidences.

    Jim Beale: Sure we do. Yeah. Einstein himself said that they're "God's way of remaining anonymous."

  • The Farmer: I think I love you.

    Abby: What a nice thing to say.

  • The Farmer: You're like an angel.

    Abby: I wish I was.

  • William Cartwright: [Approaching Andrea and Chris] Is something wrong with the site?

    Andrea: No, Mr. Cartwright. This gentleman was just leaving.

    Chris: [Shaking William's hand] Hey, Mr. Cartwright. Chris. Andrea's husband.

    William Cartwright: It's been a long time.

    Chris: Yeah.

    Abby: [Shaking Chris's hand] Oh, hi. I'm Abigail Dexter. Andrea, you never told me you were married.

    Andrea: [Smiles uncomfortably at Abby]

    Abby: So, I guess we'll be seeing you at the gala?

    William Cartwright: Um, gala?

    Abby: The opening of the Prestige building?

    Chris: Oh. Oh, well, she didn't tell me about that, so...

    Abby: [Eyeing Andrea suspiciously] Really? Shame on you, Andrea.

  • Andrea: You better watch your step.

    Abby: It is sisters like you that give us all a bad name.

  • [while watching the news]

    David Bannon: So much misery, man against man. They kill each other. They have no faith. I used to think the world would change. But it hasn't.

    Abby: No, I guess it hasn't.

  • David Bannon: [Seeing the razor marks on Abby's wrists] How can one who cared so little for life give hope to the world?

    Abby: I do care. I want to try.

  • Abby: It's not brave if you're not scared.

  • Abby: Bouncing. It's like crashing except you get to do it over and over again.

  • Abby: Being with him is like making a choice.

    Donna: You don't have that choice, Abby. You have other choices.

    Abby: It just can't be him - that's all.

    Donna: Ok, then fine. But whether it's Buddy or someone else a year from now, whoever you choose will be there because Greg is not. That's just how it is.

  • Buddy Amaral: You only took 2 puffs of your last one.

    Abby: That's cause I don't really smoke. Yeah, well, last year I started chewing the gum, you know? Because my friend, Donna, she was trying to quit smoking and she found that the gum was soothing to the nerves. So I started chewing it, then I got hooked on the gum and then I got TMJ from the chewing. So this is just to get me off the gum. I'm 10 days off the gum.

    Buddy Amaral: Sounds like a good plan. Next week you'll be on heroin.

  • Abby: [to Donna and they are looking at Buddy through the window] Ummm okay, you know how some guys do that half rise thing when you come to the table...

    Donna: [smiling knowingly] uh-hunh...

    Abby: ...well he does that. I love that!

  • Donna: But if you can't forgive him, you can't.

    Abby: It's not that I can't forgive him. Do you know how I spent the night after he left? Trying to figure out if I was glad, that he didn't get on that plane. If I say I'm glad he's alive, I'm glad he found me that day, or if I lie, and I say I'm not, either way it feels like I'm doing something wrong to someone I... To both of them, to him and Greg. Being with him is like making a choice.

  • Abby: Don't feel sorry for me. I'm happy. I'm widow happy. I'm widow with two kids happy. You grade on a curve, I'm happy.

  • Abby: Ok, then nothing with knives, snakes or women that have to go undercover as hookers - - the videos.

  • Buddy Amaral: You know, I don't think I've ever bought a woman a grilled cheese, before.

    Abby: Oh, yeah. Well, my kids love them, and after a while, you kinda get hooked.

    Buddy Amaral: I'm sure they have a gum for that too.

  • Abby: You know, I had a baby in the car.

    [Buddy looks around the front seat rather shocked]

    Abby: Not this car. No I had this Datsun, remember those? And we were driving to the hospital, and I KNEW I was going to have this baby, and Greg would NOT pull over. So I got it in my head that I was not going to have the baby in the front seat - like it wasn't safe or something - and I started to crawl into the back, and I got this contraction, and POW! I broke his nose with my foot! And he couldn't drive I mean the blood was pouring. So I'm driving and crying... and we got to the hospital, and the entire time I was delivering, I kept thinking "his nose, I ruined his nose!" And he had a perfect nose...

  • Abby: I can vividly remember my first day at kindergarten. I was wearing a light blue dress, and I was there no more than 10 minutes before some boy asked me what was wrong with my face. That was the first time I realized I had something to be ashamed of.

    Stephen Grace: You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Abby: Stephen, you're supposed to be impartial, remember?

    Stephen Grace: Yeah.

    Abby: Listen. I could have a lot worse than a birthmark covering my body. But that's kind of hard to swallow whenever I have to look in the mirror to fix my hair. Or when I look at my sisters. What that boy asked me when I was five years old is what people want to ask me every day of my life. And every time I have to meet someone for the first time, I'll always be that five year old girl again.

  • Eddie Dutra: You wanna fill 'er up, please?

    Abby: Regular?

    Eddie Dutra: Yes, please. You know there's a dance Saturday?

    Abby: Yeah, I heard about that.

    Eddie Dutra: Are you going?

    Abby: Oh, I don't know yet.

    Eddie Dutra: I'm going. Go with me.

    Abby: Why?

    Eddie Dutra: Well, because I'm asking you to. You will have a good time. You'll go right?

    Abby: I don't know, we haven't really met.

    Eddie Dutra: Look, I'm asking you nicely, are you gonna go with me?

    Abby: I don't think so. That'll be four dollars.

    Eddie Dutra: Don't give me no bullshit about four dollars, I'm talking about a dance here.

    Abby: Will you just give me the money, please?

    [Dutra pulls out a wad of cash and hands Abby a bill]

    Abby: This is a hundred. I can't change that.

    [Dutra takes the hundred back and hands her a smaller bill]

    Abby: Thank you.

    Eddie Dutra: [Squeezing change from Abby's hand] I'm Dutra. Do you know what that means?

    [Gets back into van]

    Eddie Dutra: You know, I come here and act decent to you and you turn me down, well I don't fucking believe that.

    Abby: You're crazy.

    Eddie Dutra: Crazy? You want crazy? Well, I'll show you crazy.

  • Abby: We stop being stalked, and start stalking.

  • Abby: Let's get mad on reefer!

  • Judith: This is not right.

    Abby: That's what makes it worth it.

  • Abby: I know more than you'll ever know. I know more then *I'll* ever know.

  • Abby: It's not every day that you find out that your boyfriend is a mannequin.

  • Abby: [last lines - voice mail greeting] Hi, you've called Abby. You know what to do...

    Sala: Hi Abby, it's Sala. I'm coming home. There's just one final thing I need to do for an old friend first. So I don't know if you have any shares in MOTORKORE, but if you do, I'd sell 'em first.

  • [last lines]

    Clay Hardin: Still headin' for Calexico?

    Abby: Not unless you are. I was thinkin' of a ranch.

    Clay Hardin: Might be the kind of life you'd like.

  • Dustin: Come on Abby, get in! You were a lot tougher when you were seven.

    Abby: [wrapped in a towel] Water was warmer back than.

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